3rd blogoversary extravaganza... and a present for one of you.

Yes, lovey loversons, my blog is 3 years old this month!!!

Unlike the previous 2 anniversaries, I'm keeping the celebrations relatively low key this year. Primarily because I forgot about it and just remembered today. Yes, I'm a spaz. Stop laughing.

So, now I find myself scrambling to pull something out of my bum for this special occasion.

But before I reveal what I found down there for you, I'd like to quickly recap a handful of the bloggerifficness of the last 12 months...

  • Three (3) events that made for great blog fodder: my 40th birthday, water damage in my bathroom, and chopping almost 2 feet of my hair off.

  • So many of you delurking to help me raise $65 for relief efforts in Haiti. You all totally rock, guys!

  • The sad closing of the Silicon Valley Moms Group, ending the run of the Canada Moms Blog and one of the best blogging gigs I've ever had.

  • You made me want to cook you all soup and knit you sweaters for the loving support you gave me via the comments to this post.

  • Despite my blogging dry spell over Spring/Summer, my subscriber number still kept climbing, and when the dry spell ended, you all came back!

  • And now, to celebrate the occasion, I'm giving YOU the present!

    To thank you all for your super-duper love and support over the last year, I'm giving you all the chance to receive an equally super-duper blogoversary present from me...

    A knit scarf created by me!

    I know -- ridiculously cool, right?! I've been knitting for over 25 years, and I've made some awesome scarves in the past!
    No, I haven't made it yet. If I draw your name, YOU can choose the colour the scarf will be.

    Want in? Okay, here's what you do:

    1: Leave me a comment below... in the comments. Your comment is your entry.
    2: For a 2nd entry, leave your answer to the following skill-testing/trivia-ish question...

    What comedy skit does the title to this post come from?

    If you don't know the answer, make something up -- the more creative the better. You don't have to get it right. I will accept all answers.

    You have until 11:59pm Thursday the 21st. Tune in on Friday the 22nd to see if you'll be the scarfed one!



    1. The scarf will be plaid, "black watch" pattern. You can knit plaid, right? Just like the one Dr Who wears? Wore? How do you refer to the state of a time traveller?

      And I can hardly wait to see your Hallowe'en costume.

    2. And the title of that blog posting doesn't come from an SNL skit, it comes from another blog that talked about leaving your rectum cloth all over the kitchen so it could be used to clean up spills and such.

      ...and that should get all of your new subscribers scrolling through your back catalogue!

    3. Happy Anniversary and congrats Nen! :-D *big hugs*

    4. That Albert is such a dirty boy. He needs a good rectal-cloth-ing.

      The skit-in-question is "Sean Connery" on Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL. Other favs include "The PenIs Mightier" and "The rapists".

      Oh, and the "your mother" comments to Alex.

    5. Oh yeah!!! (thanks Snowbear)

      Happy Blogoversary!!!

    6. Yay! Happy 3 years of blogging, Nenette! I hope you keep on blogging for many more years, because you're awesome. :)
      Also, I think you give Avitable the knit scarf because he is coming to Canada and he lives in Florida and well, I just have a vision of that scene from Cool Runnings running through my head! Haha!

    7. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Me! Pick me! Me! You-houuu, over here! OK, the answer is SNL when they were laughing at/about Sean Connery! Anal bum covers for $500 please! LOL! Happy anniversary dear Canadian bloggy pal! Stay outta da wind (as if... Winnipeg...)

    8. So's your mother, Trebek.

    9. Happy 3rd Blogaversary!! And Happy 2 to Mini-C! :)

      I would like to be known as the "girl with the green scarf" (double points if you know what movie that is from)

    10. Happy Blogoversary Nen! You should have blogoversaries more often because um yeah...SCARF AWESOMENESS! Big hugs.

    11. Ooooo, I would sooooo love a new scarf to go with the new winter coat I just picked up at Winners. And speaking of winners.....I love reading all that you have to say, Nenette!! XO

    12. Happy anniversary Nen! It's cheaper than therapy.

    13. Hey, Nenette! Congratulations. And happy 3rd blogiversary. What a fab time for you! Well done.

    14. Happy Blogaversary!! And what a STELLAR prize...!! xoxo

    15. Happy 3rd blogiversary. If I don't win the scarf, can I get the pattern? I have made a commitment to complete all my uncompleted knitting projects and I am almost done and am in search of a new project, something with very little joining..
      It is from SNL!

    16. Nenette, I LOVE your blog! Congratulations on your third blogoversary.