16 in 90. because mama needs new threads.

Yesterday, I declared that -- between September 1 and November 30 -- I, Nenette, will lose 16 pounds. At least. Maybe more. Because I want to be able to kick Jillian's ass for a change.

Oh, no, sweeties, this isn't just an empty declaration, or a repeat of the old ways. I actually put money on it. I made a FatBet!

My primal sistah AndreAnna dared us, her girlfriends, to reach our get-hot-n-healthy goals in 90 days.
Oh, yeah. She was all "Come on, Bitches!!! Get with this thing! YOU. CAN. DO. IT!!!" Then she threatened to come to our houses and rip our heads off if we didn't join! I know! I was all scared and stuff! So, I joined because, dang, Iowa and Manitoba? Practically neighbours, people! Okay, not really, but I'm not risking a head ripping!

Seriously though, AndreAnna serendipitously gave me the plan I really need right now. Evil sweet-n-carby treats invade my home and set up camp this time of year, so I can use any support/asskicking I can get!

.: Goal!
My goal is to lose 16 pounds by Day 90, which is about 5 pounds per month. I can do that reasonably without looking like Skeletor in the end.

.: Accept the challenge.
Okay, this was probably the toughest part for me. Because it means -- gasp! -- a commitment! But I did it, and joined a great bunch of chikas.

.: Put my money where my mouth is.
Every participant puts $50US into the pot, and everyone who hits goal by Day 90 shares the pot. Now this part was surprisingly easy. Until I got to the exchange rate. Because, yo, I'm in Canada, and 50US is like 5 bajillion dollars Canadian!!!
Then, I figured, when I reach goal, the exchange will work in my favour! Besides, I'm going to earn it. Whoo-chow!!!

.: Report periodically.
We use FatBet and Flickr to update the rest of the group of our progress.

.: Reap the Rewards.
Or at least avoid pain. Pain is a great motivator. In this case, it's the pain of being out $50US and being forced to wear an "awful holiday sweater out to dinner or a party - something public". Which will be even harder because I don't even own one! Gah!

Anyway, I'm jazzed to see my transformation. And yeah, I'll be taking you along for the ride. Wish me luck!


  1. You're going to rock this so hard!!!

  2. Awesome, get going and stick to it, you can do it!

    I know a guy who entered a similar pool a few years ago and won big. I don't think they split the pool, he was either the only one to stick to the diet or else he lost more weight than all the others. So he won enough to buy either a Les Paul or a Marshall half stack, I forget which.

    It must have been the Marshall stack, that's only about $1000 or $1500, not like the Les Paul that costs way more!

  3. What a fun way to take on a challenge! I think you will all enjoy a little friendly competition as well ;-)

  4. You have to do it because it would be simply too much insult to injury if you lost the 5 bajillion Canadian dollars AND then had to spend more on an ugly holilday sweater. Unless Harmzie has one you can borrow. Seriously? You're gonna rock this hard and I am here cheering you on! xo