some things you just can't un-learn.

So, this was the "Get rid of all the old VHS tapes" weekend. We have 2 boxes full of this crap, and this weekend, I plowed through the first one.

I reviewed a total of 53 tapes,
you know, just in case there were things we should hang on to like our wedding, episodes of The Tick, and of course, my 18th Birthday Debut, aka Nenette's Wedding with Herself. Seriously, I had attendants, The Dress, and the reception hall with a head table. There were 300 frickin' guests -- most of them my parents' friends. It was unreal! -- and all the while, I was wishing my parents had given me a trip to Europe instead. Or a car. Oh, a car made in Europe! With a cute European dude in it.

Anyway, on the much-delayed upside, Roomie just last week realized that he's married to a debutante. Yes, Mr. Scientist-guy/Runner/Enginerd, you married a debutante!  

Sunday morning whilst I was viewing said video tapes, Roomie shouted from the family room the most bizarre combination of words I'd heard from him in about 3.5 minutes a really long time: "Hey, honey, what's the name of that cat poop coffee, you know, the most expensive coffee in the world?"

Cat poop coffee?! Of course, I accused him of making it up because I'd never heard of it before, and well, I know everything because, dude, I'm on the Internets all the time.
And we all know the Internets knows all.

Well, I looked it up and simultaneously felt horrified, fascinated, and out-of-the-loop. Out-of-the-loop, because this coffee originates in South East Asia, where I was born so I should have at least heard about it. Fascinated, because let's face it, this is interesting new stuff to learn. And horrified, because this is coffee made from beans that come out of a cat's ass, people!

Really, hey, Mr. First-guy-who-thought-of-doing-this, were you so desperate to have your morning cup of joe that you saw this and thought "this would be tasty"?!

Anyway, I'd go on about this, but Horrified is beating the crap out of Fascinated. However, I will not stand in your way of learning something new, so go and read more about Kopi Luwak here.

Kinda makes me glad I don't drink coffee anymore. You know, just in case I find myself accidentally drinking this. Eek.

And of course, just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, Roomie walked into the room wearing my yoga pants, looking better in them than I ever have!

Oh, he doesn't have to use the drawstring like I do, and his inseam's longer (not by much though -- my height's all in my legs), but the dang thing looked like it was made for him.

Almost makes me want to go and take up running. Almost.

Good golly, I could use some coffee about now...


  1. ooops, never heard poop coffee...have to check that link.
    oh, why I had to read this now - I was just going to make another cup of I want one? For sure - my coffee is real coffee! :)

    Have a great day!
    - coffee break - !!!

  2. OMG I think after you said about the guy that was standing behind the cat, I think I may have heard about this on the local radio Morning show but in the mad rush of getting my kids out the door in time for the bus, and me not having to drive them, it was only heard in passing. EWWWWWWWWW factor of 10/10...
    The yoga pants? oh my! I think my hubbie would float in my pants but he's working out too so maybe he's getting fatter too? :)
    I'll stick to tea, off to refill my cup.

  3. I've heard of it. But I seriously doubt I told him about it. Usually if I tell him something, he'd heard of it 10 years earlier.

    'Cept for that clown joke he insists I told him which I hadn't heard of until he told it to me, except the punch line which he couldn't remember and was asking me because, you know I knew the joke. We were both very frustrated with that.

  4. Do you know how many classics I have on VHS? Like Grease 2? And DC Cab? And Grease 2? Any my 8th Grade production of Anything Goes? Crap. Now I need to go buy a VCR.

  5. Guess I'm out of the loop too!

    And oooh, you really are all legs. That's so cool - flaunt it, miss debutante

  6. Yeah, the cat poop coffee was discussed on As It Happens a few years ago. But it's not just any old cat, right, it's a wild cat that can tear your face off, right? I'm pretty certain this isn't an ancient cultural thing, it was invented fairly recently by some joker who noticed how crazy some ladies are about their cats. "Hey, howzabout we try to get some of those dumb Americans (and Canadians) to make coffee from cat poop? And pay a fortune for it? Those crazy cat ladies'll do anything if it's related to cats!".

    And regarding getting rid of old VHS tapes, I regret parting with tapes over the years. Stuff I lent out and never returned or gave away or sold because I thought I'd never want to see it again, or it'll come out on a commercial VHS or DVD... well, some of it never did, and 20 years later I'd like to see it again. So, sure, get rid of the Grease 2 because who could stand to sit through that even once, but think of the children before you trash your copy of "Nude On The Moon", because they might want to see that someday and it will be unavailable. Unless Village Video is still around and has a copy...

    And the yoga pants... I would have thought women's yoga pants would have a little less room in the full frontal area than a man would find comfortable. Far be it from me to cast aspersions on your man's roast duck, though I hear he can take a photo of it with less than 3 Polaroids. (Where's Kryten when you need him anyway?)

  7. @BLOGitse: sorry about that! :) Maybe I should've put a warning at the beginning of the post, like "Read after you've had your coffee" or "A post best suited for tea drinkers"! lol

    @kyooty: that's funny, because after I wrote my post, I started hearing about this coffee from unrelated sources! weird universe we live in.

    @Harmzie: no, he'd read about it before. and re: the clown joke, he knew the punchline -- which was "F*ck YOU, clown!" -- but didn't remember anything else. Hard to forget a punchline like that -- so funny in its simplicity. :)

    @Rougie: I don't have Grease 2 in any form! I need to order it on Amazon pronto!

    @Su: Thanks, m'dear :) sadly, I usually end up looking like Steve Urkel unless I wear low rider pants. long legs sometimes has its disadvantages.
    And I'm glad I'm not the only gorgeous SE Asian not in the know about this stuff. phew! lol

    @Albert: Oh, my man's triple-polaroid is just fine -- he just doesn't take pictures of it and show 'em to his mates. ;)

  8. ACK!!?! Cat poop coffee??? Ick. Ewwww. Bad, bad, and just plain wrong! But funny. :D You find the bestest stuff on the interpipes, I swear!

    And have fun with those VHS tapes. I found my local drugstore will convert them to DVD for ya. You know, for those debutante movies...