of bread boxes & blog headers... and a poll.

I own a breadbox. See?

Can you tell me whats so odd about my bread box? Go on, I'll give you a few minutes...

Give up? No? Okay, a few more minutes.

Now give up? If you guessed that the odd thing is that the bread is ON TOP of the box, you're absolutely right! Our bread box is empty!

We bought it two years ago after our then-cat Neo killed the mouse in our house. The thinking was that the bread box would protect our bread from any future critters.

Unfortunately, we didn't know how to use it! I'd put bread inside. Roomie would forget about it, pull another loaf from the freezer, and put it on top, not having opened the bread box door at all.
Meanwhile, we'd have a lovely rotting loaf of flax bread inside the box. Yum.

I'm thinking of ditching the box. I think we're better off without it.
How about you? Do you have a bread box? If not, why? How do you deal with your bread?

Let me know by filling in our latest poll over there on the sidebar!


In the great words of the immortal Britney, "oops, I did it again." What? Changed my blog header. Why? Felt like it. And because I just can't seem to LEAVE MY BLOG DESIGN ALONE!!! It's a disease I tells ya. I wonder if there's a support group.

It used to look like...
And now it's...

So, what do you think? Too much? Not enough? Classy or Klassy? Lemme know!


  1. Bread stays in the fridge. I live by myself so I don't go through it as fast as a family of four. :-) Plus I have no counter space for actual stuff that needs to be on a counter, never mind bread. :-P

    As for the header image, the design is great but it looks all aliased and jaggedy to me. Did you scale it up after you made it? That might be why. If not then make sure you have some kind of anti-aliasing on turned on for the text in your image editor.

  2. @Snowbear: But I thought that bread in the fridge makes it go bad faster! I used to keep it in the fridge then I'd read that it was the worst place to put bread. Am I wrong? Gosh, I hope so. It was so much easier leaving it in the fridge.

    And no, I didn't scale up my header. That would mean using a better program than Paint. Stop laughing at me! :)

  3. Like the new header but it IS grainy, like an enlarged image.

    We actually have a breadbox too. We do use outs but keep things like bagels, english muffins, etc. in the fridge/freezer. I read that it makes it go bad faster as well, but in my experience that is a huge untruth.

  4. I have never understood the concept of a bread box. Aside from taking up way too much room and attracting dust - what is it's purpose? Seriously, I've never known how they're supposed to work - do they keep bread fresh? Or it just to keep things out?

    The bread I buy tells you to keep it in the fridge in humid weather. I personally keep mine in the freezer because I live alone and eat about 3 slices a week.

  5. I like the old header. It's simpler.

    I used to have a similar bread-box and had a similar problem. It held a total of ONE loaf of bread. Which should be fine, but doesn't allow for multi-flavours of bagels, english muffins, wraps, and so on and so on... Also, it took up a lot of space for something that only held one loaf of bread.

    We've now got a basket and a pile of bread. I like it!

    OMG That's a big dissertation on breadboxes. Stop me!!!

  6. Bread box - nope. We either have bread in the freezer or eat it in a day or two. :)

    Your header.
    Why do you want to say "Personal blog"? It makes your blog look like a personal diary...
    Would look more 'pro' without that. My personal opinion.
    You asked! :)

  7. @AndreAnna: I think I'll be GIMPifying the header to clean it up. Thanks. :)
    You know, I don't remember having problems with refrigerating bread. We may go back to doing that.

    @Nicola: I think it's for keeping things out mainly. Yeah, as you can see in my picture, the breadbox takes up a lot of space. Crazy for what is basically a glorified bread "shelf"!

    @Harmzie: Hey, lady, I think I *asked* for the dissertation with my own WHOLE POST on breadboxes! :)
    Our point in getting the bread box (protecting our bread from future mice invasions) was totally lost after we started just dumping our bread on top -- We might as well be using a basket like you guys!

    And yeah, we also do wraps, bagels, naan bread, etc., and those things just don't fit in the bread box!

    @BLOGitse: Of course I expected you to be honest -- Otherwise, I wouldn't have asked, right? :)
    I have other blogs where I professionally blog. This is where I share my daily life, my lifestyle, so it is my personal blog.
    The info on my About page, and all of my posts for that matter, would clearly indicate that it's my personal diary, so not stating it wouldn't make it any more or less pro.
    As for my header, I was asking more about the look, the layout. :)

  8. Well if you leave the bread at room temperature it may be softer. I think the cold firms it up a little bit, but slices warm up quickly and soften up again once out of the fridge.

    Also the cold does delay/slow down any potential mold growth. You can still get moldy bread in the fridge but it takes longer. A big loaf of rye bread might last me two weeks depending how I'm eating.

    Also, captcha word is "ovulita" . . . Sounds Spanish for woman stuff. *lol*

  9. We buy 3 or 4 loaves of bread at a time and keep them in the freezer and leave one in the pantry in plain sight, in the same spot! Might not be able to find it otherwisee. We just bring one loaf out at a time when the one in the pantry gets low. Funny, there is no bread in the house this morning! Someone was slacking.
    For you header. I like the new one, it does look a little grainy though.

  10. Hi, dropping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest. This reminds me of my family's habit of putting the new roll of toilet paper on top of the empty cardboard tube. LOL!

  11. no bread box for us - outta sight, outta mind, which also would mean moldy bread. yuck. If I find the bread I love best on clearance, I buy a ton and put it in the freezer. Defrosts perfectly! And sometimes, if I know we won't be using a loaf up very quickly, I'll put it in the fridge.

    As for the header - I personally like the top (older) one best - it's simple and clean and also gives some mystery to entice visitors to keep reading.

    ...stopping by from SITS!

  12. im filipina myself and no we don't have a breadbox. what my mom does is put the bread in the microwave in the evening and then in the morning (where it normally is eaten up), that's when we remember it's inside! hahaha! :D


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