7 red things.

I've been tagged by my buddy Su at VivelyOnline. It's an awesome blog. Go and visit! Now! Okay, then, after you read this post.

Two simple rules:
- Post photos of 7 red things in your home.
- Tag 7 people to do the tag.

Okay, here's mine...

1: Iced Tall, Lite-Ice Passion Tea Lemonade
Mini's favourite Starbuck's drink. Must have raspberry syrup. Yum.

2: Hula Sarong
As a skirt, this is part of my summer "uniform". In the winter, I use it as a scarf. It's warmer than a normal scarf, covers more, and reminds me that summer isn't too far away.

3: Ruby earring
This stone in this setting is cut from my grandfather's ring. It was given to me as a very young child, so, of course, I lost one of them. I wear this one in the 2nd earring hole in my left earlobe. (I only have one earring hole in my right earlobe. Two in the left. Yeah, I'm a little lopsided. On purpose. Really.)

4: My Wallet
It's small, thin, and carries only the essentials. You know, like the pictures of my kids.

5: Box for Chinese Meditation Balls, or Baoding Balls
I really should use open this box and meditate sometime. It might make me more zen and capable of doing origami.

6: DS Lite - Mario Case
Hmm. At this angle, you don't even see the finger prints and chocolate smudges.

7: Red Diningroom Walls
This view is of the mirror on the West wall of the diningroom. It's reflecting the North wall and the bookshelf in the livingroom. Confused? Don't worry, I was confused a little the day after I took the picture, looked at it, then thought, "What the hell is this?"

Hey, that was fun! I now tag those who I suspect of being fellow-photomanicas: Cyndi, Sareli, Laura, Harmzie, Maria, Shai, & Zandra
Oh, I didn't tag you? Well, I didn't know you liked taking pictures, or I would've tagged you too!!! Anyway, please do this anyway! Come on... you know you wanna! :)


  1. With the name ROUGIE, how could you NOT tag me? I'm so stealing this because OMG...1) I love it and 2) I need content....xoxo

  2. @Rougie: OMG, you're right!!! Where was my brain?! Yes, please do this!
    And from now on, you will be tagged by me for all of these memes because, yeah, I understand the whole daily "WTF do I post about today?" dilemma. xoxo

  3. Oooh, I love this. I can't wait to get home and do this! :) Post later on tonight (if someone in the house will let me use the computer!) LOL!

  4. Thanks so much!:) I'll be doing this soon!!:)

  5. I luvs being tagged, because, you know, as Rougie said, content.

    There's a serious dearth of red things around my place, despite my love for the colour. I'll give a good old college try though!

  6. Hey,
    You tagged me and didn't tell me!!! I'm on it this week!

  7. Okie dokie. Finally got around to doing this. Post to go live today. :-) Thanks!