amazed at you. amazed at me.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you all so much for coming out and commenting on Delurker Day -- especially those who totally showed me their privates by not choosing Anonymous! Together we've raised $130 (includes Canadian Gov't matching) to help earthquake relief efforts in Haiti through the SOS Children's Villages' Haiti Emergency Appeal. Total warm fuzzies over here in LifeCandyland. Truth.

Full On Shredhead.

I am 1/5th done. That means I've completed Day 6. Yes, you didn't come here for a math lesson, but please bear with me, as I'm still about 3.14% enginerd. Mmmm... pi...

Anyway, yeah, The Shred. All is well, and my arms reattached themselves just fine, dear Albert! :) I'm only starting Day 7 today, and already, I can't say enough good things about this workout. Seriously. I love this one beyond all other workouts I've done. Ever. And I should know. I've done The Firm, various Kathy Smith tapes, pilates -- I even had the Jane Fonda workout from the 80s. On Betamax. Yes, I totally rocked the legwarmers and leotard.

But really, this workout has blown me away, and I...

... can't believe I've stuck to it this long.

... can't believe I still enjoy it. If anything, I think I love it more with each and every workout.

... can actually do push-ups. And if you know me, you know that I'd rather stab my right eye with a Nintendo DS Littlest Pet Shop stylus, much like this one, except the beagle with the pink hearts like the one my daughter has, than do a push-up.
Anyway, I do push-ups now.

... am stunned at how fast the 20 minutes go. Jillian has you constantly moving, constantly changing. "Oh, look at me doing jumping jacks. Lalala. What? Oh, crap, we're jumping rope! Wait, wait!..." Okay, it's not really like that, but it seriously never gets tedious.

... sweat. A lot. Because I'm actually strong enough to complete each exercise without "phoning it in", as Jillian would say.

... am hungry all the freakin' time! Seriously. This month's Sushi with Larry excursion was even more embarrassingly expensive than usual. Anyway, this hunger I'm told is a good sign. My body is building muscle. It needs fuel to do that. But it sucks because the needle on the scale isn't budging... and I'm too much of a chicken to pull out the measuring tape.

... have energy to spare! My mall-shopping mojo dies off way before my mall-walking mojo. It's unreal.

Okay, that should be it. Gotta go. Must shred...


  1. I am so proud of you! Keep rocking it woman!!! xoxo

  2. Is this still the Jillian Michaels workout? Sounds great.

    And Congrats on the fund raising! You rock!

  3. I love when Jilly (that's what I call her, I think it would piss her off, and I like that) tells me to not phone it in. I was actually looking for my shred dvd last night and I couldn't find it. My own personal DVD stash includes Kathy Smith and Jane Fonda too - do you have Denise Austin or Carmen Electra though? That is the key to exercise dvd diversity. lol

  4. sorry...meant to answer you back...I DID the shred, but only for about 14 days and then I quit. Like I quit everything. haha!

  5. Ahhh yes, The Shred. Such a great workout!

  6. Way to go with The Shred! I so have to start doing it again. The DVD just sits there and stares at me... ;)

  7. Just a month ago, I stopped working out because I had finals, then the flu, then the holidays, then a cold, then I moved and now it's been about a month since I've worked out.

    It's funny though, I remember thinking the same thing, I wanted to see the scale go down, but it stayed the same (because I was weightlifting). I would say just go by how you look and feel, when you gain muscle the scale becomes less accurate, but you could break out the calipers and just measure body fat...