Santa Baby...

I recently wrote to Dear Avitable and got an excellent response regarding the future of hypothetical Gus' "Lick My Love Pump" (just go to the site, dudes), so I'm hoping to go 2-for-2 with this letter to Santa. Wish me luck...

Dear Santa,

I've been such a good girl this year -- unless you count the fact that I watch too much tv. And my caffeine and sugar abuse of September/October. Oh, and my oogling of that cute, 27yo Jared Padalecki with way too much crazed, teenage hysteria -- okay, not really, but anything more than "he's nice" is teenage hysteria for a 40yo.

So, could you just count me as being so bad that I've come around the other side to being good again? Heh heh. Kidding. Sheesh.

But really, even with those minor atrocities, I'm still cashing in with my wish list, because (a) I think I'm overdue for some yum amid the yuck, and well, (b) some of my cool friends are doing it... and sometimes, I'm just a follower.

So, hang on to your hat, Santa -- this is going to be a hefty list! Okay, here we go...
  • alba kukui nut organic body oil. Because it's winter, and my island girl skin is drying up and cracking. So until the humidity of summer returns, I want to slather myself with this. I can do it before stepping out of the shower while I'm still warm and damp, which, because I'm a wimp when chilled, I totally like. Can be found at any health food store... I saw one at the VitaHealth on Corydon in the same mall I had my hula studio.

  • The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa. I love dance workouts... which is why I love dancing hula. But, after being a hula dancer and instructor for over 30 years, I want to learn something new. Besides, look at the woman on the front of this thing. Wouldn't you want to do what it takes to look like her?!
    Mini said she wants this to be her gift for Mommy, so she's already ordered it from Amazon.

  • SD card. With one of these of my own, I won't have to wade through Roomie's shots of the moon and the dozens of pictures the kids usually take of the tv screen, their feet, and the cat sleeping, eating, or licking its privates.

  • Friends Seasons 3-5 and 7-10 DVDs. I eventually want to have them all. And I will eventually. Yes, I'm patient.

  • home slippers. Living in a no-shoe house usually results in cold feet for me. I could wear socks, but the slip factor is high on our hardwood floors. So, any slipper with a grip sole would be fine with me.

  • interval timer watch. My old watch saw its demise during one of Roomie's runs. Now, I need a new one. Nothing fancy. It doesn't have to talk to me, make me sushi or give me powers of invisibility (which still would be super cool).
    But it MUST have an interval timer feature like this Speedo watch. Preferably in black.

  • Magic Bullet. Roomie gets a little annoyed with me when he sees appliances on my lists because he thinks I should list things just for me, not something that would benefit the rest of the family too. But I'm a smoothie fanatic, and my old handblender is just not cutting it anymore.

  • family ring. I'm really not into the bling, a fact I'm sure Roomie appreciates and is quite grateful of. But I've always a ring with the birthstones of every single member of my family. I like this one from Mom's Jewelry Box, but would prefer it in yellow gold.

  • iPhone. Need I say more? Really?
  • Dinner with my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler. So I can charm him with my dazzling wit and beauty, and at the end, when he's begging me to run away with him, I'll say, "No, Gerry, I'm sorry, I won't -- I've got an even hotter dude at home. Good night."
    Yeah, my ego is frightening.
  • So, Santa, if you think you can fit one or two or all of them in your sack this Christmas, I'd be ever so grateful.


    This is also my contribution to Shai's 52WoC Task#47 -- wow, just 5 more to go!


    1. I totally had the wrong picture in my mind when you said 'magic bullet'... I know, I know, I've got to get my mind out of the gutter! ;) I hope you get everything on your wish list, especially the iphone! You'll love it! :)

    2. Great list! You make me smile every time!!:) And I think everyone might have a little hysteria over Jared!;);)

    3. I think you better leave out some VERY good cookies...

    4. What kind of enginerd are you that you don't have an iPhone?

      The Magic Bullet is okay, but it has its issues. Don't be fooled by the commercials.

    5. @Loukia: Heehee! :) Truth be told, I'd think the exact same thing! LOL

      @Laura: Thanks! :) Yeah, he's a cutie, isn't he?!

      @kyooty: Oh, yeah... or cookies and cake!

      @Avitable: I'm an on-a-strict-budget, very impotent enginerd! :)
      And yeah, you know, the Magic Bullet infomercials actually turned me off to it. It was actually my girlfriend (by raving about her own Magic Bullet) who turned me back on to it! Nothing like a trusted testimonial. :)

    6. We just bought our daughter a Friends boxed set that includes every episode each with extra scenes. Watch out for it!

      Love the pretend boyfriend idea!

    7. Oh shoot, Ate! The Friends DVD were selling for $8.99 / set here @ Target!! I wish I'd known, I'd pick up them for you!

      Love the last wish... and then imagine the blow to his ego after I turn him down too. Aww! But you know, DK would totally understand if I did run away with Gerry. LOL!

    8. That seems like a perfectly reasonable list, IMO. However, I suppose it doesn't help at all that I think this, as I'm not the resident santa chez you. Still - I endorse this list!

    9. I wish for home slippers too.
      Too bad the comfortable ones all look like that, huh? No such thing as sexy home slippers. Or is there?

    10. SD cards are in my list too!

      Merry Christmas! Hope you get what you wish for, the date with gerard Butler most especially!

    11. My cousin has a Magic Bullet and loves it. I think it's a great gift. More smoothies!

    12. @Rock Chef: Thanks for the heads up! I'll be watching for that. :)

      @Cyndi: As you know, Gerry resembles Roomie a little, so I ain't leaving the real thing for a mere facsimile. ;)

      @wyliekat: I think the resident Santa has taken the hint... and has asked me to buy these things (he's too busy marking final exams) for me which he will wrap and present at Christmas... except the iPhone as new bathrooms come before smartphones.

      @Su: I don't know. I'll be shopping for them today. Maybe you could design and sew one up -- oh, honey, you'd make millions! I'd definitely buy a pair!

      @Em Dy: Can never have too many SD cards! I hope you get everything on your wish list too!

      @myrtle: oh, yeah, definitely more! :) I'm in it for the smoothies, and I've heard raves over its ability to do that. And I think the kids will LOVE the milk shakes I plan to make with it too!

      @Maria, BOREDmommy: Geez, girlfriend! First, Twilight, and now, Gerard Butler?!
      If not for your love of ABBA and Glee, I'd be seriously questioning your taste in stuff! ;)

    13. I'm sooo late in responding but I thought I'd still pipe in here and say YAY for this list. How's the Bollywood Dance workout?

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