the fancy-schmancy light bulb dessert masterpiece.

Of all the members of my family, Mini is the one who spends the most time with me. Lucky girl.

At the tender age of 5, she doesn't really mind it. In fact, she loves hanging with her mama. Not knowing how long this "Mommy is AWESOME" phase will last, I'm trying to milk it for what its worth -- you know, squeeze as many bonding experiences and fond memories out of this time before "Mom, you're so lame -- you're ruining my life!!!" sets in. Who knows, this may even help us skip that godawful phase all together.

For yesterday's "Mini and Mom" activity, we hauled out the much-loved Easy-Bake Oven we got Mini for Christmas last year. I'd always wanted one of these as a kid and never got it, so when the commercial came on during the if your parents don't get this for you for Christmas, they don't love you blitz and she said "I want that!", I didn't ignore it like I did the bazillion other toys she yelled "I want that!" at.
The very next day, I forked over $28 at Sears so I could live out another one of my childhood dreams through my daughter. She's already fulfilling my dreams of being a ballerina -- next, she's going to get a pony, kiss that cute boy Paul Fia, and go to the 'Capades! (Just kidding, especially about the Paul Fia thing -- He's still a cute boy, but he's 40 now, and that's just creepy.)

Anyway, back to baking.

Thankfully, we aren't limited to the expensive pre-packaged Easy-Bake cake mixes. Oh no, folks! I waved my magic Google wand, and the Mystical Box of All-Knowledge showed me this fab site that shows you how to make your own Easy-Bake recipes!

And if you're big on the quick mixes like me, you can even get Betty or Duncan to help -- which is what Mini and I did yesterday.

Once again, as on many other such events, we used Betty Crocker's Angel Confetti Cake Mix Roomie bought for his little girl 8 months ago. Yes, 8 months ago. Have you seen the cake pans on this sucker? They're teeny-weeny. You don't need much to make a cake in 'em. Mini's going to be in college by the time we use up that bad boy.

Mini did the measuring of the dry ingredients (3 tbsp mix), and I added the wet (1 tbsp water). She mixed and poured, and together, we did the actual oven stuff. So yeah, she did most of the work.

Anyway, bingo, presto, magic... one hour later, we had 4 little palm-sized angel food cakes with candy sprinkles in them, one little cake for each of us. We covered each one with a good heapin' helpin' of whipped cream and fresh berries.

Et voila! Our super tasty masterpiece... (this one's mine)

Looks good, eh?! I know, you want one, don'tcha?


  1. these were sold out this time last year on the east. My SIL was hunting all over

  2. Looks better than the oatmeal that I'm eating, that's for sure.
    (written during breakfast, but never did press the post button)

    It looks good for lunch too.

  3. I'd take one :) $28 sounds cheap for a toy that actually does something!

  4. EZ Bake ovens are AWESOME. So it Mini-Mommy bonding.