full on Christmas: part 1.

November 14:  100th Annual Santa Claus Parade

With hearts full of giddy excitement, Mini and I hopped on a bus bound for Downtown for a girls night with the "fat guy in a red suit".  It was a beautifully mild Saturday evening, so anxious to get there faster, I grabbed Mini's hand, and together, we walked the final stretch, braved the crowds, and plunked ourselves down on Portage Avenue.  Right in front.  Where no one else wanted to sit.  Cowards.
We saw dancers, singers, old-time fire engines, then finally the Big Guy.  Santa looked grumpy and cold, and who could blame him -- he'd been waiting for 99 other floats to go before him.
Mini and I came away from the parade with a big bag of swag ("Mommy, look!  They gave me candies! And a frisbee!"), a sense of joy from a shared adventure, and because we walked by Wasabi on Broadway on the way home, a craving for sushi.  So, we capped off the ultimate girls' outing with warm miso soup, rice, and sashimi.  A quick call to reassure Daddy and Brother that the women-folk were safe and sound and eating sushi resulted in "bring some home please" and a tray of Sweetie Beetie and Mango Tango in our bag with Mini's swag.

All in all, great Christmas memories for my girl and me.  What more can a Mommy ask for?!  :)

November 28:  Brunch with Santa

Roomie works at a lovely college.  And this lovely college hosts a brunch with the "fat guy in a red suit" with presents for all the children of the college staff every year.  Also, this lovely college has a fabulous Culinary Department that prepares the pancakes, sausages and fruit, as well as the tastiest-ever gingerbread men that the kids get to decorate.  Yes, this college is lovely.

This year, Mini even decided to have her face painted.  She was a cat.

November 29:  Tree Goes Up


December 3: Breakfast with Santa

Not to be confused with the aforementioned "Brunch with Santa", this event was at the school and had very special entertainment: Grades 1-3 singing The Twelve Days of Christmas and Jingle Bells.  So, we got to see our little man, decked out in his black Batman t-shirt, sing his little heart out.
It was quite a sight!  And if I ever get the pictures of this and the Santa parade off my cell phone, you'll get to see the sight too!

December 14:  Mini's Sharing Performance

Our Nursery/Kindergarten Class's version of the Christmas Pageant.  Just for the little ones and their adults (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.).  It's held during school hours, so sadly, some parents aren't able to come, but if you're one of the lucky kids with a younger sibling in that class, you get to play hooky from your own class to watch.

For Mini and her little buddy Stewie, who started Nursery this year, this meant having Lam, Norah, and Pepper skip class and hang out at the gym for a few minutes that afternoon, and support the fam.

But mostly to skip class and hang out.  

December 15:  Gingerbread House Night

Every year, the Grades 1 to 3 kids have a special night where they, their siblings, and parents all get together and make gingerbread (actually, it's graham crackers) houses.  It's a hoot.  The kids get crafty, hangout with friends, and get a free "eat as much candy as you want" night.  It's quite the sugar funfest.  The parents get to socialize, and for many sahms, we get to talk to other adults for the first time in weeks.  Huzzah!
Our kids did more socializing than decorating, so in the end, their houses looked like little shacks after a really bad hurricane, a tsunami, and a tornado.  So, Mini asked if we could make a gingerbread house at home as well.  And 2 days later, we did.  She's much happier with that outcome.

Stay tuned for Part 2...


  1. Very cool!! One year, I have got to spend the holidays with your family! :)