Welcome to Life Candy's 2nd Blogoversary Extravaganza!!!

Look at this picture of my little girl on her 2nd birthday -- I know, SO ADORABLE!!!

This week...

Life Candy turns 2!!!

Does my blog look anywhere as cute as Mini? Pfft, of course not, but we're still SO excited!

Yay! I'm going to party all week, and I'm taking you with me!

We'll be looking back over our 2nd year at the awesome new (and old) friends, the "OMG!" events, my favourite posts, the comments that made this blogging thing all worth it, and so much more!

So, be sure to tune in everyday this week, and join in the fun and festivities!  xo

Day 2: A Look Back
Day 3: That's What You Said (aka My Favourite Comments from You)
Day 4: This Year's Faves (aka My Favourite Posts... from Me)


  1. I Like Big Cakes06 October, 2009

    Sorry to head off topic... but there must be a story to go with the cake...? How did you get it to lean like that? I mean... that's a very interesting cake!

  2. @I Like Big Cakes: No, it's not leaning actually. It's half a cake. Lam's birthday is 4 days before, and they decided to split the cake because they wanted the same one, but getting 2 would've been too much for 2 little people.