random bits 04

Okay, I'm sorry, this isn't my Ask Nenette - Part 2 vlog. No, don't worry, my kids aren't sick. It's the camera. It's actually at the opposite end of the city. Roomie and Lam went to a party last weekend and forgot the camera there, along with Lam's "Hawaii" hat.

So, seeing as we won't be getting it until this afternoon, you're getting this...
  • I had the most lovely experience of getting a box of cookies from an awesome girlfriend -- pictures of "the big opening" (yup, Rougie, it still sound perverted) to come.
  • I've been drinking more coffee lately thanks to the stupid VIA sticks from Starbucks. As annoying as the commercials are, they don't lie. I really can't tell the difference between this stuff and the brewed stuff. And now, I'm hooked. DAMMIT!Oh, and because I can't drink coffee black, I've been having more dairy too. Stupid dairy.
  • Because the camera's in North Kildonan, I've resorted to using our older digital camera. Which sucks because I don't know how to download the pictures from this thing anymore.*

    I have to wait for Roomie to do it for me. I'm once again reminded of how dependent I am on him to download my pictures, repair major appliances, maintain our network of computers (don't let the fact that I'm an enginerd fool you -- I haven't even tried to figure out how Roomie's wired this place), reach high cupboards, and so many more things above and beyond the hot monkey lovin'.
    So, yeah, Roomie is not allowed to leave me for Jessica Alba.
  • I've been waking up to this kind of morning -- thanks to high pressure systems bringing sunny, yet FRACKIN' COLD days...

  • My Freebie List has changed a teensy bit. Check it out on my sidebar.
  • I've written yet still have to upload my latest Canada Moms Blog post. Stay tuned.
  • Mittens' relationship with her boyfriend Buddy has turned somewhat "love/hate". He loves -- She hates. He's always skulking around in our yard looking for her. If she isn't outside hissing at him, she's inside coldly gazing at him from across the glass.

    To demonstrate his love, he's even climbed on our garage roof to do this:

    Her response? Desperate mowing and clawing to get outside.
    To hiss at him. Weirdo.
* - Which was my fault, because last summer, when I was doing some template redesign, I did some testing on IE (I prefer to use FF), and managed to download the digital equivalent of VD onto my desktop computer. Which prompted us to go from Windows XP to Ubuntu, which also rendered the program to download pictures unusable. Yes, I rawk.


  1. I have to resort to using my ubunto laptop and F spot to get my pics off my camera and then onto my blogs since changing over to Eudora. But all hail the no viruses! :)

  2. Re: the photo transfer - can't you just hook up a USB cable and pull them over to the computer as if it were from a thumb drive? Or does the camera not appear as removable storage? Or does the the computer not autodetect and mount anything it sees on USB? If not, it's Linux, start writing your own app to do it! :-)

    I like the cat on the roof. He needs to wear an orange trenchcoat and hold a big ghetto blaster over his head, playing "In Your Eyes". Just call him Lloyd.

    Actually, Mittens' behaviour seems pretty typical, doesn't it? Let a suitor hang out until she's bored with him, then spurn him! Are you saying you never saw any of this in your adolescence? There wasn't a special class in it at SMAG?

    And when I read "VIA stick", I thought it was some sort of WiFi device you could plug into a laptop on the train... oops. Is it solid enough to chew on like jerky?

  3. Love these types of random posts! I too LOVE the VIA sticks of coffee from Starbucks... we go through a 12 pack container in just days! Awesome-ness! I also can't download? upload? the pictures off my digitial camera on my own... oopsie!

  4. Um, that photo of Buddy on the roof is just priceless. I couldn't stop giggling!
    Clever Mittens... playing hard to get and alll

  5. I kind of heart your cat in the biggest way. I love me a fellow Bey-otch.