because I am a girl

Because I Am A GirlIt's all about girl-power, people!

And when you're a girl growing up in Canada, you KNOW you have the power to achieve greatness and affect change in your homes and in your communities. I knew that as a budding then practicing female engineer, and I still know that today as a mom of a brilliant girl of my own.

But how about the girls in the poorest regions of our planet? Surely, they have the ability to do great things if given the opportunity.

This is where Plan Canada, and their 2009 series Because I am a Girl, comes in.
Plan Canada is filming a documentary across Canada, capturing the experiences of teens, tweens, young girls and their inspirations in an effort to raise awareness of and fight gender inequality all over the world. These experiences will be captured and replayed as a documentary to be released in Spring 2010.

I ask my fellow Winnipeggers to participate. The next public filming will be:

Tuesday, October 27th: Portage Place Shopping Centre, 3:00 – 5:30 pm

(Please note that you will need a consent form.)

Can't make it to the filming? Here are other ways to support...

1: Become a Because I am a Girl Fan on Facebook.
2: Become a Plan Canada Fan on Facebook.
3: Follow Plan Canada on Twitter.
4: Check out and subscribe to Plan Canada's videos on YouTube and Because I am a Girl pictures on Flickr.
5: Have a blog or a website? Put up a badge like the lovely one up at the top of this post.
6: Track the Because I am a Girl Caravan on Google Maps.
7: Donate.

Please take part in any way you can. And if you do make it to the filming, tell them Life Candy sent you! :)

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