with her tail cut short and her ears cut long, oh, where, oh, where can she be?

I would've called this post "I can't come to the blog right now..." but I can't for two reasons:

1: that cool title was already used by my buddy Haley-O here and here.

2: my voice mail outgoing message doesn't actually start that way, because my husband can't stand to wait the two seconds it takes to say "I can't come to the phone right now" when he calls home and gets the machine. Seriously, he used to get all weird and ranty. So, I had to change it.
Now, it just says "Hi, you've reached ###-####. Please leave a message." Short and sweet. Like me.

Yeah, I've been out and about -- so, if you've been trying to call me lately, you've been hearing the above... a lot. So, what the hell have I been up to in the week and a half after coming home from camping? Check it...
  • I wrote my latest Canada Moms Blog post about the phenomenal 30th birthday surprise party Roomie threw for me.
  • I went to The Cupcakery for the first time, and had THE BEST cupcakes ever. My faves? Mocha on Chocolate, Peanut Butter on Chocolate, and Vanilla on Chocolate. DAMMIT -- I need to get more today.

  • I rediscovered how cute my city is. See? Ain't it cute? And out of frame, just to the left of the Rooster store is the G-Martini Bar where Harmzie, Myrtle, Sly, Casey, Roomie, our many friends, and I would stagger from every Martini Friday way back when we were crazy (drinking-aged) kids.

  • I redid my About Page.
  • We ate mini-donuts at The Forks, while barefoot with cinnamon sugar caked on our chins.

  • We watched an awesome busker dude make us a lightsaber and a cat out of balloons. He also made a flower, a mermaid, and even Johnny Depp! I wish I'd taken a picture of it. It was unreal!

  • We went to the mall for popcorn.

  • We watched Daddy and Lam get haircuts.

  • We fed ducks.

    (Sadly, we got no pictures of ducks. They were too frickin' fast to catch on film. They were just crazy little brown blurs. No, just kidding. Our Canadian ducks are neither bionic nor mutant. We just forgot to bring the camera.)
I know, you wish you were here too. I don't blame you -- it's been awesome.


  1. i need to live in a place that offers that much to do!

  2. Looks like you've been keeping busy and having fun too! I love rediscovering things I had previously forgotten :)

  3. I totally sympathize with hubby on the answering machine, when I ring my parents I have to sit through a long winded message, and just when you're ready to take a breath and leave a message, my mum announces 'if you'd like to phone dad, you try (slowly recited cell number), if you'd like to phone mum try (slowly recited cell number). Then more pleasantries and half an hour later you can finally leave a message. So frustrating. Mind you I have NO idea what my answering machine message is, I think it's short but it's probably awful. Glad you're having to much fun getting out and about!

  4. I think you should - just for a joke one day where you know he may be calling in - leave a disgustingly long winded message about the weather and the birds and what you had for breakfast.

    I remember back in the days of leaving funny messages on friends answering machines (I know we were talking about the OGM, but now I've changed the subject). I think someone called us once and read the Bible for half an hour. Or maybe it was Jane Austen. But their actual message was in the middle somewhere [grr]. Good times.

  5. JEALOUS!! I love it when I eat mini donuts and the sugar is caked on my chin!! COME TO BC FOR A VISIT!!! WE NEED TO EAT CUPCAKES TOGETHER! AND SUSHI!