I'm breaking up with you, SIGG -- it's not me, it's you.

Yes, folks, the love affair is over. I've decided to break up with my SIGG.

On August 24 just as I got back from camping, I received the news -- via an email from my favourite organic food store EatIt.ca -- that SIGG bottles made before August 2008 contained "traces of" Bisphenol-A (BPA) in their liners. Testing revealed that BPA didn't leach out of the liner, but if I wasn't comfortable with that, I could email SIGG for instructions on how to send in my old bottles in exchange for one of their new EcoCare-lined ones.

See the image above from treehugger.com? Yeah, if you have the one on the right, you can send it in for the one on the left.

Now, instead of getting the word out right away, I sat on this information for a while because, well, I was busy, but mainly because something didn't quite feel right.

1: Why are they just telling us now?
- They certainly knew back in August 2008, when they decided to go non-BPA. In fact, according to Michael Hill (AP), they've known since June 2006. Instead of getting the word out then, SIGG officials allowed countless healthy-conscious men and women, parents who care about their children's health and hydration, buy their products for another 3+ years thinking they and their loved ones were safe and BPA-free.

2: But tests show the liners don't leach BPA...
- It doesn't matter that the liners don't leach BPA -- we weren't told they had any in the first place. In my email from EatIt.ca, owner Sabrina Longobardi said "Based on the information available up until now, there was never any evidence to show that SIGG bottles liners were created with BPA." It was clear that she was disappointed.
Many products out there have never hidden the fact that they contain BPA, and this allows us to make informed decisions. SIGG never gave us that choice. I feel duped.

3: Why do WE have to pay to ship our BPA SIGG bottles?
- When our Canon digital camera broke (even after warranty), Canon shipped, fixed, and returned our camera. Canon didn't charge us a penny. When Lam's Nintendo DS broke (the hinge cracked, affecting the top screen display), they shipped, fixed, and returned it, and Nintendo paid for everything.
But with SIGG, we have to pay for our own shipping? After shelling out $25+ for a product that was NOT what we thought it was in the first place?

4: Why does it feel like they're purposely making it hard for us to return them?

- Okay, so they want us to email them for instructions, and they want us to pay for shipping. Oh, but hurry, we have to do it all by October 31, 2009. I don't think I've encountered this kind of difficulty during toy recalls. (BTW, SIGG apparently isn't calling this a recall.)
Now, I hear that the folks in the US can just bring their bottles to their nearest Whole Foods, but this information is not on their website. Simran Sethi, who feels more than a little duped because she's been on Opera singing the praises of SIGG, found this out when she recently interviewed SIGG CEO Steve Wasik. Did I have to know the CEO to find out?

Sorry, SIGG, how can I trust you? You aren't the bottle you said you were. Good heavens, it was like finding out that the hottie I met on LavaLife faked it all and is really a ringer for George Costanza. Which never happened, yo.

Anyway, if you still want to go SIGG, just email them to start your exchange process.

As for me, I think I'm done.


  1. Uggh... just checked all 3 bottles I have, and it's the old liner.
    Very disappointing!

  2. I saw that bit a few days back and was a bit upset myself. However I have to admit I was relieved to see mine has the new liner. *phew*

  3. Sometimes (not often), I end up glad that I'm a ditherer and never got around to buying a SIGG bottle, despite the number of times I fondled them in the store.

    So, um.. Yay me!

  4. Egad. How disturbing is that. A trusted brand. I'm recycling mine pronto. Thanks Nen!!

  5. Oh WOW, this is so clever - you have the most gorgeous site here and I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....

  6. I haven't looked into it yet, so I'm disappointed to hear they're charging for shipping. (yes, hubs and I have old siggs)

    Now I'm not sure I trust them that the new liners are ok. I think I'm going to go and get a couple of Kleen Kanteens instead. Stainless Steel baby. It's what the boy has.

  7. Got the new bottles in the mail last Friday... the designs are all (in my opinion) much better than the designs on the ones the kids are giving up. They sent me exactly what I asked for --- one pink fairy, one Hello Kitty with bubbles, and one Space Robot (plus Maharajah Red for mommy). Daddy doesn't get a water bottle. But I guess I could have one if I asked nicely.

    But the girl who gets emotionally attached to everything she's ever touched (But I don't want to throw out that glowstick... even if it hasn't glowed in weeks... and is now leaking colourful liquid all over the carpet..) kicked up such a fuss, I haven't mailed the old ones back yet. Apparently I have to take a photo of them first.