for my leg is hollow, and I have eaten pie.

The husband ended up late for work yesterday as he and I were talking (yes, talking -- there were too many kids around for us to do other, more fun things that would make him late for work) about how uncreative the newer Treks' episode titles are and thought I'd add a bit o' sparkle to my titles.

So, I had pie on Thursday. Okay, technically, it wasn't pie. It was cake. Pavlova to be exact. Or is Pavlova a torte? Am I over-thinking this?

Anyway, the kids and I picked Roomie up from work on Thursday at 12 noon after he taught his last class of the day. He changed into the shorts and t-shirt I brought along, and off we went to late-lunch at The Star Restaurant at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory.

We sat in the atrium-y section and ate coconut-crusted shrimp (me), a bison burger (Roomie), chicken fingers (Lam), and a grilled cheese sandwich (Mini).

And because I'm on a mission to find the best pavlova in The 'Peg, I partook. Verdict? The peaches and blueberries were nice, but the cream was too sweet for my liking. My "Best Pavlova EVER" crown still rests on the Baked Expectations version.

Roomie and the girl shared this chocolate/vanilla cake. Unfortunately, it was really rich, Roomie was already full, and the girl doesn't really like chocolate -- again, is this my daughter?! -- so we ended up bring it home.

Well, much to Roomie's horror, it got eaten. By me. I swear, it was an accident!!! But frankly, I think it's really his fault. We all know that you DO NOT leave a chocolate cake alone and unguarded in the fridge with a woman in the house. It's never going to be safe, people!!!

I ended up owing him chocolate cake -- which was my excuse to go to Baked Expectations for a slice of Pavlova for me. Of course.


  1. Well la-di-da..
    Marie Antoinenette said "Let ME eat cake!"

    Pray tell Good Lady, how dost thou accidentally eateth cake?
    Was't thou Schlafgehen?

    Pretty flimsy excuse to head down to the Village fo' mo!

  2. As what we say in my household, if there is food out in the open (and that would also include fridge and pantry) it is OPEN SEASON!!

    For food that cannot be touch the rule is that it must be specified AND agreed upon by both parties (for the moment) what is off limits.

    and a big hell yah on Baked Expectations. :)

  3. That's a no-brainer!
    All dessert-type foods, esp of the chocolate variety, should be by default, open season to all.