between the bananas.

Banana TREES, that is -- Taken at Assiniboine Park Conservatory in Winnipeg.


  1. Hmmm . . . I was lead to believe there would be bananas . . . but there is a distinct lack of actual banana fruit in this photo. The only thing yellow is that little miniature human! Who I confess I almost didn't see at first. *lol*

    Nice pic though. :-)

  2. @Snowbear: Those are banana trees... the fruit are much higher up. :)

  3. I have to say that's not what I was expecting from the title.

    Jury's still out on whether I'm relieved or disappointed. I'm going to say relieved. Yes, relieved.

    (and I totally got that they were banana trees. Once I was relieved, of course)

  4. I, too, interpreted the title to mean that this would be a post related to the freebie list. :-)
    Rather, the time spent between the freebies. I guess.

    PS Stan Kubicek wants to know what it would take to get him on your list.

  5. Those look like my banana trees in Farmtown, I'd never know a Banana tree without my Farmtown! :)