blizzards in summer.

Nen's Hot Ass - 0
Children's Miracle Network - 1

Okay, it was actually more than 1. MUCH more than 1. And no, it wasn't just my hot ass.

You see, yesterday, August 13, was DQ's Miracle Treat Day. For every Blizzard Treat purchased that day, one dollar ($1) or more would be donated to our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

And lots of people did their part and put their asses on the line for The Kids.
Really. When we got there at 8pm, there was still a steady stream of folks going in and out. The fast-moving line-up snaked for about 5 metres outside of the shop. The fact that it was still hot and humid at sunset certainly helped.

As you can see, we were there, doing our part: Lam with his Oreo/Chocolate-Xtreme Blizzard, Mini with her Smarties Blizzard, camera dude Roomie with his Smarties/Chocolate-Xtreme Blizzard, and a Skor one for me. All sweet, all sticky.

These totally hit the spot for us. Our kids loved their treat on a non-Treat Day. And we all felt tres good about ourselves for our good deed of the day.

Yes, even my ass.


  1. Am I confused? I thought that Mini-you had a nut/peanut allergy? Did I get that wrong? Or are you not all that worried about contamination? (Don't take that the wrong way, I know some people's strategy for dealing with food allergies is to eliminate all the risks as much as possible, and some people's strategy is not).

    A couple of weeks ago one of my adult friends had a nasty surprise at an ice-cream place -- he ordered one of their Blizzardy-sort of things (it wasn't DQ) and after a couple of bites knew it had been contaminated with peanut. He didn't need the epipen but downed a bottle of Benadryl and was OK sometime later. (As an aside, this friend is the only person Albert Bannatyne has ever saved from death by choking, years ago in the cafeteria at work --- I just whacked him hard on the back and dislodged a bit of turkey, but I was 2 seconds away from Heimliching him).

    The only accidental peanut ingestion we've had in our family was at a school picnic, of all places. All the victim had was a hot dog -- wiener, bun, ketchup --- so who knows what had peanut on it. For all we know she touched something in the playground where someone had wiped a peanut butter cup or something.

    But we do have a peanut ingestion scheduled for later this month --- a peanut challenge in the doctor's office. Hopefully we'll learn that her allergic threshold is on the high side, but we can't get our hopes up. I'm pretty excited about the recent news items about tolerance trials where doctors gave kids increasing doses of peanut flour until they built up a tolerance above the normal "accidental ingestion" level. That would be awesome and a great relief.

    Personally, I can't stand DQ any more. There's something in whatever they use to sweeten the stuff (is it corn syrup?) that just burns my throat. But I'll love a medium slurpee any day of the year (sweetened by, um, corn syrup?) so go figure.

    Is this the longest comment you've ever received where everything was almost on topic?

  2. @Albert: The folks at DQ mix the no-peanuts Blizzards with a separate blender at the other end of the counter.

    Yes, we're hoping to do the challenges eventually ourselves here. We were told that, when Mini is a little older, she will start. We're excited and look forward to it.

    It was for a good cause, so we went. The kids and I don't do Blizzards usually. Roomie on the other hand...

    @Laura: It was very yum :)

  3. I tweeted it but forgot to go and it was a VERY hot day here. today we went to DQ but it's nto the same.

  4. Oh wow! You and your daughter are like carbon copies of each other! Double pretty! :))

  5. @kyooty: yes, it doesn't feel the same on a different day, does it? :(

    @Toni: you're so sweet, Toni. Thank you :) she does look like me, but she's so much prettier than me, I think.