why I'm sticking to 2...

I was going to write a post yesterday about how annoyed I am at The Space Channel for airing Stargate: Atlantis from Sunday to Wednesday each week. Seriously, WEDNESDAY?! Who's the brainiac who thought of that one? Now, what do I watch from 1pm to 2pm on Thursday and Friday?! I wouldn't mind if the show they aired in its place was Supernatural or Smallville reruns, but nope, they air a show I've never heard of. And if I've never heard of it, it's crap. It's a proven fact.
Anyway, yeah, I was going to write that. I didn't say it was going to be a long post. Or a particularly juicy one. So, it's a good thing I didn't write it.

Instead, I volunteered for Mini's Nursery/Kindergarten class trip to Fort Whyte, a nature centre in the south end of the city. Yes, folks, I was... offline. I hear your collective gasp. Oh, dear, whatever for, Nenette? Because I knew this would be another memory Mini and I could share in the future. Because it meant so much to her that Mommy volunteer -- she may have even wanted to show me off a bit. And well, I needed to be reminded once again why I decided to stop at 2 children.

Holy hannah, it felt like a low-grade sustained freak-out. My nerves were on edge... trying to keep my group of 4 kids together instead of running in 4 different directions... trying to answer all their questions at once... and OMG, trying to keep them from toppling off of the maze of rickety floating docks and swimming with the turtles!

But on the totally up-side, it was a sunny warm day, the bugs weren't biting, and no kids barfed on the bus going to or coming from the nature centre. Success -- and that's based on the whole no-barf thing alone!

Meanwhile, Lam had a "Snow Day" and spent the day at work with Roomie. There, he listened to his father's 2-hour AC Circuits lecture, which he said he enjoyed. Truth be told, I think Roomie paid him to say that with the french fry lunch, a video game (albeit, used), and the kites they bought afterward.
You see, I've taken AC Circuits. Fun and enjoyment aren't words I'd use. The words "brainmelting", "mindnumbing" and "sticking a fork in my eye would've been more fun" are far more applicable.


  1. I did that schtick when Pepper was in that class. I lucked out and only got one other kid in my group (the others didn't show), and she was a very nice little girl who was - and still is - a friend of Pepper's. We had a great day. Until the pal mentioned that her daddy didn't live with her mommy any more because her daddy was mean to her mommy. }snap{ (that would be my heart).

    Kids, eh? *They* both just moved on - la la la - and enjoyed the teepee and the dandelions and the minnows. Me? I was a mess.

  2. I HATE that the show is finished. HATE.

    There's supposed to be a new one starting this fall (of course, no returning cast members - *sigh*)

  3. @daysgoby -
    OMG, me too!!! The series was doing so well, so I don't understand the cancellation! How the hell am I going to see my pretend boyfriend Joe Flanigan?!!!

    The new series is supposed to be darker, more intense, and less "fun". Not pleased at all.

    @Harmzie -
    Were you on mat leave? Was it the same time that Roomie volunteered?