my plants kicked me in the bum while my daughter danced...

Full Frontal Garden pic 1Behold! My front yard garden. Ain't it splendiferous in all its awesomosity?! (Thanks, Country Girl! ;D)

Go on. Click on the picture for a better look. Really, it's worth it, if I do say so myself.

Thanks to the *ALL DAY EXTRAVAGANZA* of dividing and transplanting of plants, and redesigning of the flowerbeds, I...
  • didn't have to spend more than $19.50 on new plants (bought at my kids' school fundraising).
  • only had to buy $4.00 of top soil.
  • have a fuller, better-looking garden rather than just a lawn.
  • now have sore arms, sore legs, and an aching back.
Yeah, that last one was a testament to how OUT OF SHAPE I am. Remember the 2lbs/week I lost? Yeah, well, I got sick and gained most of it back. I'm one of those crazy people whose appetite goes up when I'm sick. Unreal, eh?!
I lay around, blow my nose, cough, and moan... and eat. And I crave mostly bready things. Yup, sick and carby. That's me.

Anyway, I've been wanting to dig my fingers in the soil and get dirt under my nails for months, since this...

Winter Front Garden

In my excitement, I pushed myself with some wild and crazy digging, dividing, and hauling of big bags of dirt. I would've also used some of our compost, but Roomie snags all of it for his veggie garden out back. Maybe if I make with a striptease, a forbidden dance, or maybe a sandwich, he'd spare me some. So, yeah, sore and achy.

Anyway, here are a few close-ups. I divvied up the bergenia, primula, and my son's purple plant that I don't remember the name of. You'll notice some allium, snow-in-summer, tulips, lamb's ears, creeping thyme, sedum, and maybe the creeping jenny. Sadly, the coleus already looks crappy and wilted. We'll see if it bounces back along with Mini's liatris -- fingers crossed.

Spring Front Garden 02Spring Front Garden 03

Mini in the Spring Front GardenAnd speaking of darling Mini, here she is dancing around Mommy. She spent most of that afternoon outside, visiting the neighbourhood kids, riding her bike, and making rock soup. Mmm... rock soup...

Okay, tell me, is Mini's pose in this shot reminicent of the Sasquatch pose? Roomie was the one who made the connection... sigh... I really don't want to say he's right, but...


  1. So first off...thanks for the blog-love.

    Next...did you and Harmzie coordinate your posts or something because I feel like my comment is a rehash...but I have a total black thumb and hence no garden and/or landscaping. And I am always impressed with people who know how to plant, and how dig to deep and how far to space apart and just how much to water. Can't wait to see pictures when everything blooms.

    Ps You want compost? I have 1 donkey and 7 goats. You can have all the compost you can handle. Can you take manure across the border or will customs stop you?

  2. Hate to state the obvious, but she's much prettier than BF.

    Country Girl - 90% of my neighbours were out doing something with their yards this weekend. It was an opportunity thing. Only these two yak about it! ;-)

  3. I wish I could see your garden in person. It's one of those things..., but from what I can see, it's coming along great!