PSAs: because you won't like me when I'm stabby.

PSA #1: Don't make fun of blogging.
Just because the word "blog" sounds funny doesn't make it a joke. And if it is joke to you, it's not to me, so show a little respect.
I blog about my life, so making fun of blogging is pretty darn close to making fun of my life.
Okay, so you don't know how blogs "work" -- it's not hard. Just bite the bullet and try, you neo-luddite! Gah!

PSA #2: I teach my kids manners -- you should teach yours manners too...
... so that I will gladly invite them over again without fear of them...
(1) swearing at and threatening to kill my son - even as a joke
(2) destroying my house because they're not allowed to destroy their own
(3) going into areas of my house where they are NOT allowed
(4) hurting themselves because they're running around and screaming too bloody loudly for them to hear any danger warnings.

PSA #3: I am what I tweet -- I tweet what I am.
I don't lie on Twitter. I don't make stuff up just to entertain my followers.
I will not have untruths attached to the name on my profile, because it's my real name and the one I use on the blogs I write for (please forgive the danglies). It's called integrity.
If I happen to tweet something that "doesn't sound like me", then you probably don't know me as well as you think you do... or my husband has once again hijacked my laptop.

PSA #4: Don't ask me how my parents are doing.
Unlike many filipino families, I don't have a relationship with my parents. I don't expect you to understand -- I just expect you to respect it, and DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT. You know nothing of my past with my parents. And they won't tell you the truth, because it will make them look bad.
They're retired, and have plenty of time to spare, yet they've never made an effort to see me or their own grandchildren. Every attempt on my part for a get-together has been shot down by them. My mother would rather go to the casino, and my father doesn't care that he hasn't even met Mini. Yeah, I'm done with them.

PSA #5: Yes, I drink booze.
I always have -- I always will. See that picture? This is me drunk. Yes, I'm a cute and loving drunk. I just drink very rarely. Usually at social gatherings only. And a VERY small amount.
Depending on numerous variables, a drink can either make me feel fine or make me feel like I've just ingested poison. And there's no way to predict how I'll feel ahead of time.
So, oftentimes, I just don't drink.
However, if the mood strikes, I will have a plum wine, a nice red, a gin and tonic, or even a cosmo. And when I do, I am not "caving", being weak, or breaking any rules.
And I accept the painful consequences with a great deal of self-loathing.

Yet another concept I stole from the super-fly Ali, because I so want to be her, but because I'm a small dark-haired filipina, and not a small blond non-filipina, I'll just copy her brilliant post ideas instead.


  1. you are welcome to steal anything from me, love! *smooch*

  2. [sigh] I said I was sorry my kids destroyed your house... :-( But if they are ever the ones to swear at or threaten, you have my permission - no, I INSIST that you take them out. I only ask that you leave them alive so that the last thing they see is ME coming after them. Manners are #1. No. Number-Fucking-One.

    I can honestly say I thought you were done with booze (hence my surprise at your hangover the other day). Though I didn't think you were caving b/c I knew the reason you didn't - or rather did less - had nothing to do with gaining, or re-gaining strength.

    Now that I am much clearer, I have a lovely new potable I'll get you to try Saturday. If you caught my tweet, you'll know what to look forward to!

  3. I do still check in. And your two last entries made me smile, laugh and get teary. Yay for non-weddings.

  4. Great post!!! especially your stand on your family. I think that's very important. I've been readng a while, :)

  5. @Ali -
    Aw, thanks, sweets! You are awesome. Truly. :)

    @Harmzie -
    Your kids are fab! I love 'em. They have never sworn, threatened, destroyed, or screamed loud enough to merit a punting. :)
    These are other kids to which I refer.

    As for the booze, you're one of my besties, and I wouldn't have to tell you anything under cover of a PSA post. I respect you enough to be in your face, lady! :)
    My comments were actually directed at one of my former CR friends who read my tweet on being drunk. I consider him rather OCD, and he considers all who aren't as OCD as he is "not committed enough". He "teased" me about drinking. I "called" him a jerk. And I felt SO much better afterward. :)

    Can't wait till tomorrow (Saturday)... will look for some pav. I've never made it before, and since I suck at making meringue, I'll see if I can get some from Baked or somewhere where *I* had nothing to do with the baking. :)

    @Sara -
    I'm so glad you still come by, and I'm so pleased that you're still blogging because I do love reading about what you've been up to. :)

    @kyooty -
    Thanks! Yes, you and I go way back, so I've probably shared a lot of my parents' nonsense with you. At some point, I just needed to stop wasting my time on them, and move on. Best decision I've ever made. :)

  6. Sue Murdock30 May, 2009

    Your first entry made me scared...but I assume you would have told me if my son misbehaved....:0
    It makes me sad that your parents choose not to be involved in your life and especially in the lives of your kids, but unfortunately we can't choose our families...we just have to accept what comes our way. I'm glad that you choose to be there for your kids!! and I know you will be there for your grandkids in the far far future:)

    And hey! Let's have a drink together when this baby pops out!!

  7. @Sue -
    Are you kidding? Your little guy is awesome! :) If there had been a problem, I would've said something, but nope, it was all good!

    I look forward to that drink, my friend! :)

  8. What? No making fun of your life? But, but, but, ... that's what I do! What would our friendship be if I were not allowed to mock your posts about the lickability of Gerard whoever (Gerard Depardieu?)? How could we ever have a meaningful conversation if I'm not allowed to snicker at your love of pavlova, the chaff of desserts? And if I don't call you on "My name is Nenette, and I hang rectum cloths in my kitchen.", who will? (I know, your hubby takes care of that).

    And yes, you are cute and lovable drunk. Also a very LOUD drunk. At least you can be, sometimes.

    PS went out for all-you-can-eat sushi Saturday night --- the waitress cut us off at 10PM. So it's not really all you can eat, it's all you can order before last call. But I was sated by then anyway! :-)

  9. @Albert -
    Oh, my dear Albert, I enjoy your brand of mocking! It is always welcome, you know. When you mock blogging, you at leastknow what blogging is. I'm jiggy with that. :)
    (Feel free to mock my use of the word "jiggy".)

    Glad you were sated at the sushi place. Otherwise, I would've said to go back there and throw feces at their window because all-you-can-eat should be just that. Last call be damned!

  10. I solemnly swear not to do any of the above things. Or at least, not while sober. ;-}