a barbeque with loved ones through the haze of pina colada

Harmzie, Max, Roomie and I go way back to our university days, when we were just 4 crazy engineering students. And now, after a wedding, numerous martini nights, a young hottie bartender, a walkathon, another wedding, 5 kids, and 2 blogs later, we're still making memories.
Thankfully, we have digital cameras to help us remember these memories when we're too drunk to do it on our own.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our evening at Harmzie and Max's. I'm rather hungover and maybe a little drunky still -- yes, with my last drink at 10pm last night -- so my captions may not be entirely spot on. I wish me luck. Thank you.

Here we are enjoying Max's pulled pork barbeque.

In clockwise order around the table, starting at 1 o'clock: Max, Roomie, Stewie, Lam, Mini, Pepper, Norah, Harmzie, and the empty chair beside her is mine.

I was told that Max's pulled porked was Carolina style -- so we were thinking of you Country Girl by way of that reverse stalking thing Harmzie and I like to do. :)

See how Harmzie lovingly presents her drink? I like to call this photo "My precious."

The evening started off with a pina colada. This is NOT a pina colada.
This lovely Orangina-esque delight was a during-dinner drink. It did not make me as drunk as the pre-dinner pina colada did. And it was oh-so-tasty.

I can see why Harmzie loves it. She told me what was in it, but I was too drunk to remember.

Now, I present the Max's Meat portion of this photo collection. Harmzie suggested the name. Really. It was ALL HER. :)

Photo 1: "Max cutting his meat".
Photo 2: "Roomie eating Max's meat".
Photo 3: "Max eating his own meat".

After dinner, the kids did this...

And later, Mini and Pepper yoinked Lam's drink and did this...

... while the big people drank this (mmm... blender drinks...)...

But not the little cars -- those were Stewie's. To play with -- not to drink.

And for the grand finale, Harmzie and me resplendent in our awesomeness in the photo entitled "She's Touching My Butt"...

Yeah, we're lucky. We have kinky friends we love. You should get some too. They totally rock!


  1. Oh phew! That was way less scary than I feared it would be! ;-) Excellent synopsis of the evening. Though when I suggested the "she's touching my butt" caption, I apparently was too drunk to notice that your hand was on my shoulder and therefore visible :-S

    I would add also, it is helpful - though not essential - that these friends be in walking distance! (Close cabbing distance is good too - not mentioning any names...)

  2. ...aaaand... Totally great having you over. That was way too long. I mean the span between, we'll have to do it earlier next time, b/c you left too soon... :-)

  3. Ohhhhh...So I wish I had been there. Wait - do you need to have kids to attend these gatherings? Cuz technically I do...if goats count.

    Thanks for the blog love and shout out. I am so at the next gathering. So there.


  4. What fun!

    And I love a good pina colada...or two...or three...

  5. That looks like an evening made of awesome!

  6. It's CANBLOG, wait you could market that and set up hotels and have people pay drink with you... I mean hear you talk about blogging.

  7. Looks like a great time. But why do the menfolk look so dour in the photos? With a meal fresh off the BBQ you'd expect a little more joy there!

  8. @Albert - can't talk. eating.