in sickness and season finales

I was sick all weekend with a nasty cold. And to make matters worse, I was also menstrual and crampy as all hell! -- because we all know that cramps come from hell. As I said in twitter, Karma has finally caught up, and I'm finally having to pay for all this hottiness and gorgeocity.

And while the rest of my family did some gardening, bike riding, and looking all cute and funky like this...

... I was laid out on the loveseat under a blanket with remote in hand, laptop on lap, and Firefly in DVD player.

If I hadn't felt like crap, it would've been a fabulous, relaxing, uneventful weekend. You know, the kind where you have no kids' parties, no weddings, or no emergency home repairs. Where you order in and don't touch the stove. The kind of weekend where your beloved partner keeps the crazy younglings -- like our cute little Disruptor above -- from talking incessantly AT YOU so you can have 2 minutes to finish a thought.

Because, you know, thinking can be really awesome sometimes... like this weekend, but I won't talk about those thoughts right now. We're going to need a whole new post for that.
Instead I will talk about my homework, which I did during rare spurts of energy. Since I can't volunteer for Lam's class anymore because of this bloody totally-awesome blogging thing, they've got me cutting things up. If you read Harmzie's post about our kids' student led conferences, you'll recognize the name in this picture. Their teacher had the pages of their New Pork City citizen book laminated, and my job was to trim off the extra plastic to those and to the pie shapes you see in the upper right corner.
Apparently, they're doing fractions soon.

Now, the Supernatural, Smallville, and Fringe season finales -- OMG! So did ya watch them? Holy crap!
I don't think I should ever meet Jared Padeleki in person. Seriously, look at this picture. I will pin him down and lick his face. Just saying.
Okay, anyway, our hottie hot boys were doing their dark and brooding, which we all adore. But OMG, I loved the whole "so that's what Ruby was up to!" I kinda feel like I should've known that but, nope, I totally didn't.
Now that Lilith's been offed, and the Big Bad Boy's been released, next season sounds mighty promising.
I'm glad Smallville's been renewed for another season because that finale was weak. I'm talking "hot smoldering date with dinner, dancing, drinks, then getting to his place and finding he forgot to get condoms" kind of weak. If burying Doomsday was all it took to off him, they could've done that a long time ago and moved on to getting Clark and Lois making crazy monkey-lovin'. And where was the earth-shattering battle? Not even 5 minutes. Clark's shirt was barely torn, which was a HUGE disappointment.
As for Clark turning his back on Chloe at the end, when she is totally alone with Lois somewhere in the future and Jimmy dead? WRONG! He'd never do that. And ZOD?! Don't drop the ball on this one next season, people.

Doesn't Olivia look sah-weet in this picture? And Walter looks so young. But Peter looks like he's got a broom handle shoved up his butt. Speaking of Peter, OMG, our Peter isn't really our Peter! Holy cow! Throughout the season, there was a ton of hints that things weren't right. Memories didn't jive. And Peter didn't remember any of the experiments Walter did on him. Now my question is: when did Walter fetch this Peter to replace the other deceased Peter?
Leonard Nimoy as Belly. Nice. I like that because I'm a Trek fan. But the big "Holy Crap!" was seeing the WTC towers as the way to demonstrate that Olivia was indeed in an alternate reality. Ballsy and brilliant move. No words needed. It was there, in your face, daring you to admit the truth or admit that you were either high or drunk.

Now, I've got a summer of waiting for new season. Whatever will I do to keep me occupied?


  1. Smallville is still on? I know a mom out west and her nephew was Clark's Stand in for the football scenes from what i understand. I thought that show was done? Is John Sneider still the dad? I keep seeing Bo Duke in my head sliding across the General Lee.

  2. I need to watch more tv.

    There's something i never thought I'd say.

  3. Possible summertime activities include:

    * More Tweeting.
    * More Tweeting directed specifically at Nathan Fillion.
    * Begin work on next year's freebie list.
    * Decide that once a year is not enough and change it to quarterly.
    * Decide that quarterly is not enough and change it to monthly.
    * Figure out how to have a sidebar somewhere on your kick-ass blog that rotates through pix of said freebies randomly every day. Or every hour.
    * Then share with me so I can add to my blog.
    * Continue in your total hottiness and gorgeocity. And awesomosity. Let's not forget awesomosity.

  4. OK see now I see a whole new "blog post" called Goals for the summer! :)
    mine will have to be embrace the idea of the freebie list enough to make note of possible freebies. this will take a lot of drinkypoos

  5. Anonymous20 May, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I've been struggling a bit myself with all the rain we've gotten. I'm glad my programs are wrapping up for the summer so I have no excuse to be inside when I don't need to be. Of course - Tori & Dean is starting back up, so there goes Tuesday nights!

  6. @kyooty -
    yes, it's going for it's 9th season very soon.
    Jonathan Kent had a heart attack.
    Oh, yeah, John Schneider will ALWAYS be Bo Duke to me!

    Yes, girl, that's your project for the summer: Kyooty's Freebie List

    @harmzie -
    The shows are pretty good. Fringe is one I think you'd enjoy.
    oh, and LOTS of eye candy on the tube these days. Makes it all worthwhile. ;)

    @Country Girl -
    Thanks for the AWESOME ideas, girlfriend! I will give them serious thought... I must work to live up to the awesomosity ;)

    @Kari -
    I'm trying to avoid Tori & Dean... I just get sucked into those dang reality shows!
    Glad to hear your summer's free and clear for relaxation and enjoyment :)