all this *and* a waffle in my mudroom

I was going to write a really bitchy post today, because Spring Break is almost over, and the kids and I have been SICK the entire time. And I'm still sick! Ugh!

But I will try not to bitch because my blog is about my "Favourite People, Places, & Things", and if you don't believe me, just check out my blog header and read the new tagline. Yes, that's the last change I'm making to my header. Really. I swear on my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler.

So, speaking of my favourite things, today is National Cleavage Day!!! In honour of the day, I present a picture of my own boobage. It's not the best shot of my rack, but it's the only one I can find at short notice.
It surprises you that I keep track of these bodypart celebrations? NEVER underestimate my rack-centricity, people! Actually, Jenny, The Bloggess told me (and everyone else who reads her blog) that it was NCD, and I do whatever Jenny says. So -- cleavage.
Now, don't say I don't do anything for you.

Okay, so Spring Break -- I promise to try not to bitch -- but it was very disappointing.

What was cancelled: -- playdates lined up, movie night at the theatre, mallratting, etc., etc.
Why: -- Lam's fever, Mini's inexplicable gusher of a nosebleed, me getting sick with some unknown disease, then Mini's fever (which was just yesterday).

We did manage Lam's playdate with his friend Will, and during the short lull in the pestilence on Wednesday, a family trip to the library.

Brought home a ton of DVDs -- it's not the Monsters vs. Aliens that we were hoping to see, but we did pick up Curious George, Ice Age 2, Madagascar, and Nim's Island.
The last is actually more for Mommy than the kids because, hello, Gerry Butler!

On the way back home, I was starting to feel yucky again, and it was made all the worse by what I found at home. Now, Roomie and I are no stranger to cats but it's been a while, so I completely forgot Rule #1 when leaving the cat home alone: Do not leave food out in the open.

Because if you do, you get a waffle with cream cheese in your mudroom. Oh, where's the cream cheese? On the CARPET SIDE OF THE WAFFLE. Ugh!


  1. Maybe you should change the name of the room to The Cream Cheese Room.

    Then all is as it's supposed to be.

  2. @harmzie:
    Thanks for the tip. It follows then that I should also call it The Cream Cheese, Bacon, Orangina, & Lotion Room.
    (No actual mud in there. Weird.)

    Then all is as it should be. :)

  3. Hmmm, when you said you were calling it the Waffle Room I thought it was an obscure reference to Mr Harmzie's Chandeliers (search for it if you have to, I said it was obscure), which struck me as a bit odd.

    But hey, whatever you guys get up to after the kids are in bed...

  4. That's always the way, isn't it? Cream cheesed waffles, frosted cupcakes, jellied biscuits...

    It must be a law of nature or something.

  5. @Albert:
    I'm going nowhere near ANY reference to Mr. Harmzie's Chandeliers. I think, like your thoughts on Harmzie's supposed obsession with the elevator in the old engineering building, *you're* the one finding your own connections or obsessions, my dear. ;)

    Yes, law of nature. Or magnets. Sticky things and other surfaces. :)