I'd rather be living in Hawai'i again. just saying.

We were there 12 years ago today. Just missed the 1997 Red River Flood.

And it was PARADISE -- even with the risk of tsunami, volcano eruption, fatal centipede bite, and tropical poultry attack. Seriously, the ducks at this park are mental! Heaven help you if you happen to be coming home from the grocery store. They KNOW you have food. And they want it.

Anyway, I admit it -- Roomie and I were STARK RAVING LUNATICS for moving back to the land of ice and snow from Hawai'i. I'm sure we had good reason to do it, but I really can't think of any of them right now.

Roomie found this video on Youtube of Wailoa Park, the lagoon just outside our apartment in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai'i. And I, of course, got all weepy and nostalgic. I even miss the crazy ducks and geese.

Now, tell me, would a sane person leave this...


  1. What? It looks just like St Vital park. Except with more palm trees. And less algae.

  2. AWWW weepy, I can identify. I was playing around with google maps and found my old house in the USA, I then found out you can move little yellow dude and take him for a walk, so I took him for my 2mile route (I used to walk it 2-3 times a night) and hubbie found me here in a puddle of tears. I miss the neighbourhood and the people most of all. I walked by the school that TJ would have went to for K. AWWWWWW