Earth Hour 2009 and the answer to "Mama, when are we going to get a kitty cat?"


Introducing, the newest member of our family, Mittens...

And here she is on the annoying Caillou chair. (No, the chair isn't annoying. Caillou is annoying. But the chair is fine. We like the chair.)

Mittens is 5 months 2 weeks old, black and grey tabby, and she's a girl. She's the sweetest, gentlest little kitten. EVER.

We had no intention of bringing home the first kitten we spotted at the Humane society, but we couldn't deny the instant connection. And now, in less than 24 hours, she has us wrapped around her paw. She has, in turn, deemed us fit to be her family.

Mini loves that she now has her little baby kitten. If she could slap a diaper on Mittens and change it periodically, she would. She cuddles her, makes her caves with pillows and blankets, and follows her constantly.

Lam just thinks she's nice.

That night though, Mittens was probably wondering what the hell kind of weird cult she joined, because at 8:25pm, the lights started to turn off all around the house until we were in complete darkness.

Meh, she'll get used to Earth Night. We do it often enough as you can see here and here.

Why? Because it's so much fun! The kids had their books and colouring books/markers. Mini and I coloured the rainbow in her colouring book. Roomie was doing math stuff...

... which would probably explain why he looks the way he does in this picture (he's the dude on the left behind the candles).


  1. YAY! for kitty cats!! she is precious looking. Earth Hour here took a weird twist. I cut down on my "extra" power. laid in my bed and fell asleep!

  2. My girls, if they knew this, would be so green. They are DYING to get a kitty... or a puppy... just something they can love and hug and call george.

  3. Very nice looking kitty. Mini looks over the moon. Good luck getting a stroke in edgewise!

  4. Welcome to the new family member! I use to have a kitty that looked just like Mittens except she was a silver tabby. Same thing perhaps?

    For Earth Hour I just enjoyed the time knowing I was part of something taking place all around the world and reflecting on the goodness!

  5. Welcome to the village little Mittens! She looks awefully cozy in Mini's arms!

  6. Oh Mittens.
    Mittens, you remind me of my cat Trixie.
    But I'm so happy that Mini found Mittens, or is it, Mittens found Mini

  7. Congrats on your adorable new family member! We've got three of those little companions around, and it really wouldn't seem like home without them.