Happy Winter Solstice, Ya Hosers! ;)

Happy Winter Solstice!

At exactly 7:04am EST today, we - Northern Hemisphere-ites (yes, it's a word in LifeCandyLand) -- were leaning the furthest away from our Sun, resulting in the shortest day or longest night of our year.

It's too bad really. It's sunny out as I type, and it's beautiful. That sun will be setting by the time I get this post published. I better hurry up.

Oh, this Winter Solstice also marks the beginning of the United Nations International Year of Astronomy.

Okay, did you know that many of the Christmas-y things we do were most likely performed by Pagans on Winter Solstice? Yup, they were adopted by the Christians as a way to overshadow Pagan traditions and convert the "heathens".

Wreaths, evergreens, holly -- all originating from Pagan solstice celebrations called Yule. Sound familiar? And the celebration of the birth of Christ was moved to December to correspond with solstice -- science and scripture points to a Spring birth.

This year, I think we should all consider celebrating the solstice as our ancestors did. (Well, maybe your ancestors -- mine were dancing around naked in the jungle.) Cut mistletoe. Put up wreaths. Decorate an evergreen tree. Light some candles and lanterns.

Oh, you've already done that?... Okay, then! Happy Solstice! ;)

Sorry, this post is a little "all over the place". I'm a touch hungover from drinking 1/2 cup of Max Power's famous tasty yet evil nog at his and Harmzie's Christmas party last night. I don't drink -- except for this annual eggnog. And I pay for it the next day -- every year.
I'm going to crawl under a rock now...

Image by SqueakyMarmot


  1. That's funny - I was just talking about how since it's the Solstice I would take a nap since I have extra time (in theory)!

    I am Pagan so I'm definitely aware. I think it's funny how much so many people don't realize nearly all of the Christian holidays are adapted from Pagan Sabbats. Time to await the return of the waxing days :-) Happy Yule/Winter Solstice to you Nenette!

  2. *Snicker*
    I don't remember the last time someone called me a 'Hoser'

  3. See, if you drink more often, you wouldn't have this problem! ;-}