Clawing My Way Back to the Land of the Living.

Thanks to all my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and LifeCandy readers for all the "Get Well Soon", "Hope you feel better", and "Stay away from me until you kick this but get better, eh" wishes.

I believe the gods heard you, because this morning, I woke up feeling almost normal.


I still have the nose-river (though less "raging" and more "flowing"), the occasional sneeze, and low energy, but I'm no longer coughing up extra lungs, ripping the skin off my nose, and feeling like I've been kicked all over by the Rockettes.

I wouldn't be surprised if I continue to feel this way into Christmas. There's a 3-/6-week thing making the rounds, and I'm sure that's what I have -- my kids got sick 2 weeks ago, and they're still sniffling.

So, yeah, I think the worst is over... just in time to get out and do all the things I need to do in -- OH CRAP! -- just over a week before Christmas.

In -43C windchill.

No, I'm not exaggerating. Welcome to the Canadian Prairie!

Oh, did I mention that Roomie's sick too? He caught this bug over the weekend.
See, here he is in his pajamas colouring in a colouring book with Mini. Aren't they cute?


  1. I soooo don't want to get this bug before Christmas. Which almost guarantees that I will.

    Neo Citron and TLC - the only remedy.

  2. I wish you guys all the best.
    We've been having a sick month here too. It is down to Elena and I, we both have strep throat.
    We're hoping this is it for Christmas.
    Hope all of you feel better soon.

  3. so glad to hear you are coming around my dear! i don't know how you do it every winter with that kinda wind chill....oooh i do not like cold!

    take care + be happy ;-)