Running with the Cool Kids...

Remember back in high school, when you were the new kid on campus, all shy and unsure, maybe covered in a new crop of zits, your hair in what your mom's hairdresser deemed as "the latest modern permed style", and sporting the world's ugliest gouchos?
You were young, new, and hadn't developed your super signature style sense yet.

Every day, you'd look over at the "cool kids". You know, the ones who were always so well put together, made people laugh with their quick wit, charm and charisma, and had that relaxed confidence you wish you had. Oh, to be one of them... you lamented, as you picked the last of the Sloppy Joe lunch special from your braces...

Now, after a few months of school, you're getting the hang of things -- your perm's grown out some, your skin's cleared up a bit, and your gouchos have been replaced by the hottest micro mini, you slut you! ;)
With your new-found confidence, you decide to strike a conversation with one of the "cool kids", ask if you could hang with them for a while...

Lo, and behold, you are accepted, happily, with open arms! These cool kids are sincerely friendly. They even loved your gouchos as much as your skirt! They think you're cool, just the way you are. They introduce you to other groovy friends, and together, you all support each other to graduation and beyond.

The BlogHer Ads Network is that group of cool kids. (Well, duh, right?) And, on October 6 -- the day before LifeCandy's 1st Birthday, I put up my ad code, which you can see on my far right sidebar. It has been such a thrill to be accepted into this awesome ad network. I've been in a few, and this is -- by far -- the best.
The ads are tasteful, relevant, and of high quality products and services.

Now, look under the ad. You'll find links to posts from other awesome blogs in the network. Be sure to click and read. Once in a while, you'll see one from LifeCandy too!

If you have a blog, I highly recommend you send in an application. They're still accepting, so check them out...


  1. I just got me one of them thar fancy blogherad codes, too! Fun, huh?


    Fellow Goucho Wearer

  2. @wyliekat:
    you said it, my fellow goucho friend :)... fun and, dare I say, swanky!