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Okay, folks, here's today's edition of random stuff happening in my little corner of crazy...

1: Blog Birthday Celebrations!
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 marks the 1st Birthday of LifeCandy!!! Has it been a year already?!? Crazy, eh?! I'd like to make it a big extravaganza, like Jami who celebrated the 1st Anniversary of Bionic Beauty for the whole month of July, but the longest I'd do it is for just the week.
What would you like to see here to celebrate the occasion? Giveaways? Memes? Commenter Spotlights? Let me know! And please keep it within reason... I already get enough requests to flash my boobs from my husband -- The answer here on my blog will be the same: No.

2: My Twilight Obsession
Okay, thanks to gentle nudgings from Jami and Toni (and believe me, it didn't take any effort on their part!), I've become completely obsessed with the Twilight Series! Gah! I'm now on Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3), and I'm powering through that like crazy. I've had to change my "CURRENTLY READING..." section on my sidebar every 2 days!
I have all 4 books on my shelf... they're so pretty with their black-red-white dust covers... so it's just a matter of picking up the next one until they're all done. No pining away for the next one.
Unfortunately, my blog surfing and comment responses here have been sorely neglected. I promise I'll pop my head back above water by Sunday/Monday.
I'm hoping I'll be content once I've finished reading the last book. I'll keep you posted.

3: Blogger's Choice Awards Deadline - October 15, 2008
You have less than 2 weeks to vote for me! I've been nominated in the Best Blog About Stuff and Hottest Mommy Blogger categories, and I'd just be tickled to get some votes. So, hit the links and make me your blogger's choice! Thanks :)

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