The Feather Family...

The kids were in the family room playing together. What? Did I just type that? My kids were playing together. Wow, it felt weird typing that again.

But yeah, they were playing, laughing, and having fun with the new game they'd made-up together. No crying, no screaming, no "stop touching me!". I didn't bother checking on them for fear that the mood would shift if they spotted me, triggering the wailing, finger-pointing, and eventual gnashing of teeth.

Well, I really should've looked in on them. Really, I'm a mom. I should've known they were up to no good. They were getting along TOO WELL.

They'd taken the top of Mini's fairy wand, plucked the tiny feathers off of it, and were in the process of throwing them in the air. The kids froze at the sound of my "OMG, what have you done?!!!", the feathers gently drifting down around them.

I gave the order to pick them up, and in true Mini fashion, she decided to make a game out of it. I heard her tell her brother that they should give each feather a name as he/she picked it up.

Lam: "Toopy, Varmo, Looga..."

Mini: "Leelo, There's-Glitter-On-My-Hand [?], Cheela..."

Lam: "Toomy, Joomy, Loomy..."

Mini: "Oh-No-The-Boat-Is-Tipping [What?], Lucai..."


  1. Darn kids! So cute though about naming the feathers. That would've pushed me over since I'm such a softie. LOL!

  2. VERY Adorable (from afar! ;-) )

    I *totally* relate. Those moments when you are caught between "AAAAUUUGGGHHH!" and "Awwww!"; When if you don't laugh you're going to cry; When, if you're lucky, you can remember to say to yourself "I will look back on this and laugh - I will"

    The other night for some reason all three got into the fascinating pursuit of shredding packing foam on the dining room floor. It looks so much like snow... trouble is, it runs from the broom. At least it's soft under the socks. hahahahahahahahaha :-|

  3. @kari -
    yeah, I didn't know if I should giggle or ground 'em! :)

    @harmzie -
    Thanks for the reminder about the looking back and laughing. It'll be one of the good memories... in time... when I'm no longer finding stray feathers here and there. :)
    So, what eventually happened to the foam?

  4. >twitch< my therapist suggests I don't talk about it >twitch<