First Day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...

I'm still in awe that I actually got through the first week of school without weeping copious tears. When either of my kids goes through a milestone, I tend to do that. Like many other moms, I'm sure.

You know, I never thought I'd be the Weepy Mom, but as soon as I peed on that stick and found out I was expecting Lam, the tap was turned on. Hasn't turned off yet.

Anyway, back to the school thing, so I thought "okay, I'm in trouble now", because not only was my Lam going from half-day Kinder to full-day Grade 1, but my little Mini, my baby, was starting Nursery school! Gosh, I'm getting weepy just thinking about it again.

You see, this is the reason why I decided to tackle this in one post. If I did one for Lam (he started the day before Mini), I'd cry. Then, when it came time to write about Mini's first day, I'd cry all over again. This way, I'd get it done in one post... fast... like ripping off a bandaid or getting a Brazilian wax.

So, anyway, Wednesday, we walked Lam to school. He was in the afternoon class the previous year, so walking him to school with the morning dew still on the grass was a little surreal. Now, Lam's a small kid -- very small for his age. Roomie and I don't want him to have trouble making friends. Not only that, he's also smart -- reading at Grade-3-level smart. He's in the Combined Grades 1-3 Alternative class, and ready to tackle more than just his Grade 1 tasks.

But he's also incredibly friendly and social, so I shouldn't have been surprised that, by the next day, he had a few classmates greeting him by name.

The next day, it was Mini's turn. See this picture?

It's me walking my little girl to school. Roomie knew I'd want a picture to put on my blog, so he took it. Not only is he thoughtful, he's cuddly, adorable, and smells like chocolate. Yeah, he told me to write that. That's fine. It's all true anyway.

I digress. Mini was so excited about going to school. She'd been waiting for TWO WHOLE YEARS. She watched her brother disappear into Room 9 for Nursery and Kindergarten, and now it's her turn.
She loved everything about getting ready... putting on her new jeans and first-day shirt, putting her new "inside" shoes into her Tinkerbell backpack on wheels, and putting on her jacket and rainboots. It could've been hailing bats on the walk to school and she still would've loved it.

But we got to school, bat-free.

Unwilling to completely let her go just yet, I went into her classroom with her to get her settled into her cubby, hang up her raincoat, and change her into her indoor shoes. After that, she just hugged me goodbye and ignored me.

Roomie and I walked all the way back home and didn't cry once. A miracle, that, because Roomie's a total suck when it comes to his kids too.

We're really proud parents who want to see our kids grow up and be the smart, friendly, strong, and spunky little humans to the outside world that they already are at home. We've done well, and they're ready.

I'm just not sure if I am.

Crap, I need tissue now.


  1. Big hug, it gets easier.

    In years to come you will be saying around the beginning of August, isn't it time for them to go back to school yet? Lol-that is an exaggeration but not too far off the mark!

    This is the first year B wouldn't let me walk him into/up to the school(grade 6).

    Not a bad run considering 7 years ago we dropped him off just like Mini for his first Nursery school class. I remember some neighborhood parents who also dropped off kids saying that wasn't so bad. I remember holding back my tears and saying in my head no it wasn't bad it was AWFUL!

  2. Awwwww... (Hands Nen a tissue...) what a sweet post and a very cute picture by Roomie!

  3. Oh bless you! :-) That is such a lovely picture, and such a great post. It brought back a sudden memory for me of how it felt as a child to have everything just so. Like being armoured. How could bats stand against Tinkerbell anyway? No chance. :-)

    You're so lucky, and I hope that tissue is needed for happy tears.

  4. Awww, thanks, guys! :) I appreciate the hugs, reassurance, tissues and blessings.