Pick It Up! Pick It Up! Pick It Up!

Yo Gabba Gabba, a new Nick Jr. kids' tv show, is now on Canada's TreehouseTV, and has quickly become one of my favourites.

According to Wikipedia, "The absurd style of humor used in the show is intended, like The Aquabats, to appeal to adults through its manic, frenzied approach to wholesome messages...", and appeal to me it does. With DJ Lance, Super Martian Robot Girl, and guests such as Tony Hawk and Elijah Wood, the show's had me laughing or singing along. I think I tune into it more than Lam or Mini!

Anyway, here's my favourite animated clip - it's a fun way to encourage your kids to clean up. The song is by ska band GOGO13 featuring Alex Desert of Hepcat. Enjoy!


  1. that's funny. I have a friend from work who hates this show. We don't get Treehouse, but I checked out the website and thought it was funny. But I always knew my tastes were more like yours :-)

    Great song. Much better than that stupid Barney clean-up song. Is Barney even on anymore? Can I keep N from it?

  2. @myrtle -
    I think you'd like the show... I can tape an episode for you... you've just got to see this! :)
    Yes, the big purple dino is still around... I think you may be able to save N from it... you just have to be vigilant... I wasn't, and now I pay the price... Mini loves her "Ho-Ho Barney" (Barney's Christmas Special) Video and insists it be played at least once a week...

  3. You can keep him away from whatever you want to keep him away from... for a while. :-)

    That said, there are FAR worse things out there than Barney. Personally, I can live with things that keep them enthralled - even if they annoy me - if they're not feeding them nasty messages. Barney's pretty sickenly sweet, but we had a Polly Pocket video. That was just evil. It has "disappeared".

    The sickenly sweet stuff they do actually outgrow and while part of you says "Thank GAWD!" there's another saying "(hey! not yet!!!)" <3

  4. Here's a parenting tip I discovered today. Keep it in mind for the future.

    When your precious one is old enough to go on a day-long school field trip , wangle your way onboard as a volunteer chaperone.

    Spending the whole day with your child's friends gives unparalleled insight as to their nature --- which ones are friendships to be encouraged and which ones are to be banned like a Polly Pocket video.

    An hour on a bus with a bunch of Grade 3ers lets you get to know them like a week-long trip would with an adult. :-)

    I didn't really change any prior opinions of the classmates, but it did reinforce some and soften others. The ones I thought were bad influences are really nasty and evil whiners (speaking of which, I wonder what Ruskin's up to these days... don't answer that) and the ones I wasn't sure of are not that bad.

    And the kids we thought were pretty good really are pretty good. One girl impressed me when one of the staff at the "pioneer village" asked her "this village is as it was in 1866, how long ago was that?" and she instantly shot back "what is 34 plus 8?". The staffer thought this was a nonsequitor but you know where she was headed. Too bad she can't do all the math in her head but I liked the fact that she was breaking it down.