I Confess...

... I know all the words to the Spiderman Theme from the 60s (which I think is super cool!). It's the most frequently requested song by Mini, especially on trips to Canadian Tire. I don't know why.

... I've watched Mr. Baseball more than 50 times. I don't know why.

... I used to collect romance novels. I now collect erotica novels, which is marginally less embarrassing and significantly more fun.

... I'm a sucker for celebrity gossip. I watch eTalk, accesshollywood, and TMZ, and read People.com.

... I miss teaching hula classes and having my own hula school, but I love having Sundays (formerly hula class day) to spend with my family all day at home... in our pajamas.

... I really love Jessica Simpson's song "Public Affair" and Kelly Clarkson's "Walk Away".

... I love driving standard, and have done it for so long that I'm not sure if I can drive automatic anymore without crashing.

... I had a stupid crush on Joe from Blue's Clues. It was short. I got over it.

... I've spent $70 total in a month on coffee/sushi/etc. without batting a eyelash, but felt guilty for days after I bought myself a $70 jacket to replace a ratty, old, falling-apart one that should've been trashed ages ago.

... I would eat sashimi and pavlova everyday if possible.

... I have an addictive personality. From past experience, I know not to learn how to play my kids' video games, drink Slurpees, or eat french fries. I get hooked too easily.

... I love logic puzzles.

... I often wear my 2-week contact lenses for 4 weeks.

... I cannot leave home without a jacket or sweater, even in the summer, on the hottest day.

... I enjoy watching Hannah Montana.


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2008

    mm... pavlova... so tasty! And of course our native dessert ;) (Don't let those aussies tell you otherwise!!). I hate whipped cream though, everyone things I'm being all weight/health conscious by declining cream, but I really just don't like it! I wanted to make the mini version, meringues, the other night, for a treat, then I realised that they take like an hour and a half to cook and I didn't wanna wait that long hehe.

  2. Oh, I'm with you... I don't think I would be able to wait an hour and a half either!
    I actually some pav on Saturday when hubby and I went out for dinner... I ate it too fast... I should've savoured it bite by bite, made it last longer :(
    but it was still very yummy of course!