My Earth Monday: Celebrating Earth Day

Image: Atlas, it's time for your bath by woodleywonderworks

Tomorrow is April 22nd, the 39th Earth Day!

If you're an old pro at doing the green thing, you probably already have plans to celebrate in a big way. But if you're a novice but want to do something quick and easy for the day, try these:

1: Walk, cycle, or take public transit to work, instead of taking the car.

2: Buy nothing, or if you need to buy something, head over to your nearest health food store or organic grocer, and purchase the eco-friendly version.

3: Plant a tree.

4: Make your meals using only locally grown produce.

5: Go vegetarian for the day.

6: Have an Earth Hour.

7: Wear earthy colours such as green, brown, rusty reds, terra cotta oranges, and deep sea blues.

8: Collect all of your raw vegetable waste (ie. banana peels, onion skins, apple cores, etc.), and give them to a friend who has a compost bin.

9: Change one or more of your light bulbs into energy efficient bulbs.

10: Go to one of the many Earth Day celebrations in your city. Check online for festivities near you. In Canada, go to Earth Day Canada.

11: Recycle everything!

So, what are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Do you have any ideas you can add to our list?

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