It's Aloha Friday! v.II

It's Aloha Friday - No work till Monday!...

It's another Aloha Friday, so let's swig some mango juice, dig up that kalua pig, grab the hula sarong & aloha shirt, and celebrate with a sweet mix of topics...

1) A big THANK YOU to friend and fellow bloggista Jami at Bionic Beauty for nominating me for a Blogger's Choice Award in the Hottest Mommy Blogger category & Best Blog About Stuff category :)
Some people don't get excited about awards, but I do! Frankly, the hottest mommy thing has me blushing a bit, but hey, it could be an award for best trepanation technique or best merkin design (both of which I DON'T have on this blog, by the way), and I'd take it! :)
So, please head over there and vote for me!... because we all know I deserve it. Okay, just kidding ;)

2) It appears that I may have been channeling when I wrote No More Plastic Water Bottles, the My Earth Monday where I ditch plastic water bottles for an aluminum SIGG bottle.
You've all probably heard by now about stores pulling all bottles made with BPA or bisphenol A, a plastic chemical with links to potential long-term risks of breast and prostate cancer. These are baby bottles and workout water bottles, including brands such as Avent and Nalgene, among others.
Makes me thankful my little ones went from breast straight to straw/sippy cups.
Be sure to look through your plastics and look for the recycling triangle with a "7" in the center... those are the ones you need to get rid of.
Go. Do it now. I'll wait...

3) My SIL and her hubby are coming to stay with us for a week next month. They are very nice people, and I want their stay to be a comfortable and pleasant one. But that's not going to happen if I don't declutter this joint! I'm going to have my hands full these next few weeks getting rid of stuff and rearranging furniture. This is the push I need to get me off my complacent bum and get things done. I'm really looking forward to it!

4) I need to stop eating yogurt... I'm becoming addicted again. :)

5) I swear my son is Hermes Conrad. Over the past few months, he's been making me fill out forms, talk through an intercom, and understand his cross-referencing scheme with catalogues, item numbers, and his birthday list (which is tacked on the fridge). And he does a mean limbo! :)

6) Meanwhile, my daughter is becoming quite the little daredevil. I bought both kids big fluffy floor pillows, and I know this weekend will mainly consist of me trying to stop her from launching herself off chairs onto the big pile of pillows... and other potential pointy things underneath.

So, what are your plans for this weekend? Are they as exciting (or nerve-wracking) as mine?


  1. But it can be confusing: No. 7 is the catch-all category for "other." Not all No. 7 plastics contain bisphenol.

  2. ...and not all bottles that *don't* have #7 don't have BPA. Avent baby bottles... for example. d'oh...

  3. You are welcome and you deserve it!!