things I have done.

First, I gave you my life/bucket list.  Then, I gave you my f*ck it list.  Last week, I gave you the list of things I've never done.  And now, I give you...

the list of things I have done

I'm forty-one.  And eleven-twelfths.

And I have...

1:  Been a runway model.

circa 1990

2:  Moved from The Philippines to Canada.

3:  Lived in Hawai'i.

4:  Proposed to my husband.  Naked.

5:  Played the bass guitar in a band.

good grief, my hair...

6:  Traveled by train from Manitoba to British Columbia.

7:  Given birth with pain medication.

8:  Joined the Mile High Club.

9:  Earned a Computer Engineering degree.

10:  Given birth without pain medication.

mama and mini

11:  Taken figure skating lessons.

12:  Taken Hawai'ian Hula dance lessons.

13:  Taken tae kwon do classes.

14:  Taken Sikaran classes.

15:  Had 3 of my Canada Moms Blog posts selected by McClatchy-Tribune for US syndication.

16:  Danced the Hawai'ian Hula on a parade float.

17:  Painted a whole room by myself.

18:  Cared for a dog and 3 cats.  But not all at the same time.

19:  Done the CRON eating plan.  And had great success.

20:  Written the first 3 chapters of an erotic romance novel.

21:  Opened my own Hawai'ian Hula dance school.  

22:  Started and maintained a blog of my own for 4 years.

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