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26 April 2011

I've been busy writing, decluttering, being an editor, reading, waking up my garden, planning bus trips, taking bus trips, volunteering at my kids' school, and losing 2 more pounds (yay!).

I've also seen some things online that I like.  Pretty things.  Expensive things.  Things that, the second it comes into my home, I'd be all "ugh, I have to deal with that now too!" about.

Since I can't un-see these things, I'll make you all see them too.  Share the love.  And the angst.  (Still, I love you, my darling readers.)  And if you too are trying to get rid of stuff, remember, you don't have to buy it... just blog it.  :)

+ Makes me want a Mac even more. (Re-Nest)

+ Mini wants to live here. (design*sponge)

+ And I want to cook here.  (design*sponge)

+ Not sure if this is good feng shui, but can you imagine doing the deed on this bad boy?!  Woo hoo!  (the architecture blog)

+ I'm the Earthy Kitchen type.  (House Beautiful)


+ If I do this, Roomie's going to want to smooch with me even more than he already does.  Hell, I'd smooch me! (Instructables)

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The Absence of Alternatives said...

This is a GREAT idea! Frankly though I'd be scared to death on that "bed" to even breath normally let alone doing ANYTHING.


miss t said...

wow bacon lip balm how awesome is that

toni said...

Bacon lip balm. I'd be kissing myself for sure. Haha!

Jenny @ exconsumer said...

What a creative way to stop yourself from spending Nenette. Don't buy it, blog it. I like it!

Haley-O (Cheaty) said...

Great idea! LULULEMON t-shirts AND yoga pants AND pretty-coloured yoga towels (makes yoga so much prettier).... Whew! I feel better. Also you need a Mac. ;) xo

Haley-O (Cheaty) said...

OH and mazel tov on being an editor! Filipino Parent looks fabulous! Excited to see it! :)

Auto Title Loans said...

I, too, want that kitchen. The view is amazing! And I love that it's so open! Good luck on gardening- it's been a slow Spring.

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