just say 'no' to malls.

18 August 2010

These are my kids:

"What a pretty day..." at Lower Fort Garry

These are my kids on malls:

"GIVE ME TOYS!!!" at St. Vital Shopping Mall

Just say 'no' to malls.

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kyooty said...

LOL!!! cute as buttons!

harmzie said...

I certainly agree with kyooty, but geez, the background on that first one *looks* nice, but where'd you just taken them, the box factory? Mini's fake smile looks like "I know mom LOVES the box factory, but get me the blazes OUT OF here!"

Nenette AM said...

@harmzie: LOL I just added captions for clarity.

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Cute kids! I avoid the malls with my kids as much as I can - totally not a fun experience. Painful would be more accurate.

Haley said...

Gahhhhhh! ;) I know ALL that very well! They're ADORABLE!

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