just say 'no' to malls.

These are my kids:

"What a pretty day..." at Lower Fort Garry

These are my kids on malls:

"GIVE ME TOYS!!!" at St. Vital Shopping Mall

Just say 'no' to malls.


  1. LOL!!! cute as buttons!

  2. I certainly agree with kyooty, but geez, the background on that first one *looks* nice, but where'd you just taken them, the box factory? Mini's fake smile looks like "I know mom LOVES the box factory, but get me the blazes OUT OF here!"

  3. @harmzie: LOL I just added captions for clarity.

  4. Cute kids! I avoid the malls with my kids as much as I can - totally not a fun experience. Painful would be more accurate.

  5. Gahhhhhh! ;) I know ALL that very well! They're ADORABLE!


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