7 red things.

I've been tagged by my buddy Su at VivelyOnline. It's an awesome blog. Go and visit! Now! Okay, then, after you read this post.

Two simple rules:
- Post photos of 7 red things in your home.
- Tag 7 people to do the tag.

Okay, here's mine...

1: Iced Tall, Lite-Ice Passion Tea Lemonade
Mini's favourite Starbuck's drink. Must have raspberry syrup. Yum.

2: Hula Sarong
As a skirt, this is part of my summer "uniform". In the winter, I use it as a scarf. It's warmer than a normal scarf, covers more, and reminds me that summer isn't too far away.

3: Ruby earring
This stone in this setting is cut from my grandfather's ring. It was given to me as a very young child, so, of course, I lost one of them. I wear this one in the 2nd earring hole in my left earlobe. (I only have one earring hole in my right earlobe. Two in the left. Yeah, I'm a little lopsided. On purpose. Really.)

4: My Wallet
It's small, thin, and carries only the essentials. You know, like the pictures of my kids.

5: Box for Chinese Meditation Balls, or Baoding Balls
I really should use open this box and meditate sometime. It might make me more zen and capable of doing origami.

6: DS Lite - Mario Case
Hmm. At this angle, you don't even see the finger prints and chocolate smudges.

7: Red Diningroom Walls
This view is of the mirror on the West wall of the diningroom. It's reflecting the North wall and the bookshelf in the livingroom. Confused? Don't worry, I was confused a little the day after I took the picture, looked at it, then thought, "What the hell is this?"

Hey, that was fun! I now tag those who I suspect of being fellow-photomanicas: Cyndi, Sareli, Laura, Harmzie, Maria, Shai, & Zandra
Oh, I didn't tag you? Well, I didn't know you liked taking pictures, or I would've tagged you too!!! Anyway, please do this anyway! Come on... you know you wanna! :)
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