hams after haircuts.

04 December 2009

As promised in yesterday's new 'do reveal post, here are Mini and me hamming it up for the camera!

What started as this... (gah, what a horrible angle for me -- still, my monkey girl is cute!)

Resulted in these...

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Rougeneck said...

Hello Mother-Daughter GORGEOUSNESS. Seriously - no one cuter or hotter than the 2 of you.


Laura Gerencser said...

Just beautiful!!!! I love these pics! Your hair looks great (Minnie's too!:):))

Nenette AM said...

Thank you, dear Rougie! :) Roomie fears that he may, in fact, have to start a gun collection soon. His little girl will likely grow tall, beautiful, curvy, charming, funny... you know, Daddy's basic nightmare. Heeheehee.

Thanks, Laura! She was actually planning to get the same cut as Mommy, but when she found out that she wouldn't be able to make a ponytail, she changed her mind. She's very happy with her decision. :)

Su said...

Ahhhh! You girls look so goooood! Makes me want to chop my hair short again. :)

Cyndi said...

beautiful!! but we already knew that - it's all in the genes, right? :)

Karen from Mentor said...


You're both gorgeous. Daddy is going to need a BIG stick.
[are swordsticks legal there?]

Karen :0)

PamJ said...

both gorgeous! love the hair cut :)

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