can someone please tell me what this is?

Before the bathroom crapped on us, we had plans to insulate the basement. Our basement and crawlspace are unfinished little areas of frozen hell, you see. So, in preparation for this event, Roomie's been moving stuff around.

When he moved the dryer, he found this behind it...

Do any of you have any idea what it is?

We don't have a clue. About a lot of stuff, but especially this.


  1. Hey Darlin... It's been a while since I had a chance to catch up with everyone.
    First of all ~ OMG!! I love the new do! So cute and sassy! I love it. You look amazing.

    As for the silver thingy ~ no idea. If you find out, let us know ;)

  2. Clearly, it's a flange warmer for a snozzdoodle.

  3. I looks like some kind of shelf arm.

  4. I'll be right back I'll go look behind my dryer.

  5. ok no it's not from my dryer but I think Ive seen if on my old one, it looks like it's the "wire guide" that used to be attatched to the dryer so that the wire whatevers it's way up to the outlet... right? (yeah I totally made that up)

  6. I don't know what it is, but I promise you that if you throw it away, you'll discover what it's used for within a few days. :-)

  7. It looks like the instrument Victorian dentists used to use to treat infected root canals - I was going to provide a link to a photo but it makes me squirm so forget that. How did one of these happen to be in your house? Has someone been watching the Marathon Man again? Is it safe?

    If you take your dryer apart (or maybe the washer), after undoing a couple of screws at the back panel (with the dials), it flips back and there are a couple of clips (one on each side) that hold the cabinet top/sides in place. Your piece of metal, especially the bottom hook part, looks a lot like what the clip looks like. This is true of a Kenmore, but the factory that makes Kenmore makes them for other companies too, so tracking the brand name to find out whether it may have a common design might be tricky.

    So it may be from your washer, your drier, or from your previous washer or drier!

    My current drier doesn't have this part, the back comes off differently.

    OK, bring on the next challenge! :-)

  8. I betcha some teenager made it in metal shop in high school, and it got chucked there as he and his friends attempted to find some kind of use for it.

  9. Spare TARDIS key.
    Is your dryer bigger on the inside
    than the outside?