unfinished projects including my un-hot ass

I'm notorious for not finishing projects. The only 4 I managed to complete were:

1: the engineering degree - still don't know how I managed that.
2: the wedding - since I did all the badgering and the naked proposing, I figured I had to see the job to the end.
3: & 4: the births of Lam and Mini - I bloody well couldn't say "this is getting tiring; I'll just put this pregnancy off for another couple of months" at, I don't know, month 4. Gestation just doesn't work that way. And you know, with all the badgering and naked proposing, I had to see the job to the end.

See? This is me at 8 months pregnant with Mini. Beside me is my lovely sister. At this point, I was all "get me off this train, and give me my baby!" I was beyond done.

So, yeah, I need to finish things. Without a gun to my head.

Anyway, one of my more important projects has been to sexify myself for the summer, or at the very latest, my 40th birthday, which is in... holy crap, 5 months!!! I had announced my intentions here and on the Canada Moms Blog and planned my workouts.

Then, I stopped.

I'm awesome at the planning -- rotten at the execution. What I really need is for someone to kick me in the ass, grab me by the shoulders, shake me violently, and scream in my face, so that I'll want to workout, muscle up, and get revenge on the asshole who did all that shaking and screaming at me!

But since revenge really isn't my thing, I decided to join a support group instead.

A bunch of lovely ladies on Twitter have made a Hot Ass Pact for 2009 to give up our vices and get all hot-assy. If you're on Twitter, you can follow our conversations with #hotasspact2009.

Does this mean the end of the Bikini Project? Nope. Still doing it. I just now have some awesome ladies with whom to share the journey to goal.
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