the good, the bad, and the OMG.

Good: I'm finding more time to relax and watch the DVDs I've wanted to watch for a while.
Bad: I have to watch them on the livingroom DVD player, because the one in the familyroom is old and unreliable.
OMG: Roomie broke the one in the livingroom.

Good: I've discovered the joys of chocolate/vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone.
Bad: I gained 3 pounds.
OMG: I've discovered the joys of Tim Hortons' Iced Capp with chocolate milk.

Good: I did a full body weights workout on Friday.
Bad: I was too sore on Saturday to do my interval/tabata workout.
OMG: I was too sore on Sunday to get up off the couch without wanting to scream.

Good: I spent a couple of hours at the crafts store and mall while Lam was at his buddy's party.
Bad: I spent over $50 on stuff at said craft store and mall.
OMG: Sephora just opened at the mall, and I will probably spend much more than $50 there in the future.

Good: Lam went to his buddy Christopher's birthday party at the Western Canada Aviation Museum.
Bad: He didn't feel well in the car on the way back home.
OMG: As soon as we got home, he threw up all over his father and the Twister mat that Roomie and Mini were playing on earlier. He has a stomach flu.

Good: The boys enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.

: The Evil Cat who's been in cat-jail more times this week than we can count for pouncing on the kids.

: Some things just can't be unseen, so I'll spare you. Aren't I nice? :)


  1. Re-Kitty jail-
    We -only twice- had to use a spray bottle of water on Sully for the pouncing/biting.

    Just a suggestion take it or leave it...

  2. @LRM:
    Unfortunately, Mittens thinks the spray bottle is a game. Roomie and I found it very useful with cats we've had in the past -- this one's just weird.

  3. Spring sunshine!! Looks like they are enjoying it.

  4. Your cat sounds very much like aura a bit "vengeful?" maybe give her a "bath", hehe??
    Poor Lam, I hope he gets over this bug fast! lucky the twister mat probably saved the floor and you could probably hose it down?

  5. @JoeinVegas:
    They did very much! :)

    Well, as soon as he puked, we dropped him onto the Twister mat to continue throwing up there rather than on his father, the couch, and the rug!
    No barf today but still feels terrible with headache, stuffiness and fever. Missed school today, will probably miss tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous08 June, 2009

    Your jailed kitty looks like the silver tabby I had growing up. She was a very smart gal, and often left me birds on the front step. Sweet of her huh? LOL!

  7. It's a cat, pouncing is what they do!
    Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs!

  8. @wyliekat:
    At Polo Park! Second floor right beside Lush. It was crazy when I went there. The line to the cashier wound around the store!

    I should've named her Tigger! :)

    They are so generous with their gifts of love. LOL

  9. Good: You continue to blog.
    Bad: No clue.

    (ps I am a total make-up junkie - subject of future post and I could spend hundreds of dollars at Sephora...easy)

  10. @Country Girl:
    Amen, sister. I'm a makeup junkie too... or I used to be really bad. I've managed to prune down to my favourite regular products, but it's such a slippery slope for me, and so easy to fall back. Sephora opening does not help my addiction.

  11. the good, the bad and the omg - made for a very entertaining post. would love to do this on my blog too :-)

  12. @Glenda:
    Go for it! Can't wait to read your 'the good, the bad, and the omg' post!