my son -- like me -- needs to always know where we're going

31 March 2009

In the car. Lam looks out his window at the unfamiliar street.

Lam: "Dada, why are we here?"

Roomie: "Because we're not anywhere else. Funny how space-time works."

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Rebecca Anne said...

LOL that certainly answers that question in a way to leave a persons mouth gaping a bit.
I'll try that the next time one of my daugther asks the same question~

Nenette AM said...

my son certainly had nothing to say after that :)

musing said...

When my kids where small that would've been their cue to repeat "Yes, but why are we here?" over and over.

Nenette AM said...

Yes, that would be my daughter too. :)
My son on the other hand is more contemplative. I could see him trying to wrap his brain around the concept. LOL

Toni said...

*LOL* That's so amusing! :)

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