random things about my girlie-girl...

It's Mini's turn -- for the illness and for a tribute. :)
She's not feverish, but she's lethargic, mucus-y, and burning through tissues like her brother burns through McDonald's french fries.

My little Miss-Clever-4yo is an absolute angel -- so loving and so caring. Here are more things about this awesome girl, I'm sure you'd love to know...

1: Mini taught herself math. She had just turned 4 when she came up to me, fingers up, and said, "Mama, 1 plus 3 is 4!" And it's only improved since her brother started quizzing her on a near-daily basis.

2: When Mini is sick, she refuses to blow her nose. She will wait for it to dribble out then wipe it up.

3: Four of her stuffed animals: (1) Queenie, (2) Mermaid, (3) Cute, (4) Love.

4: Mini has the highest score in the family on Mario Party 7. She's reached "Brutal" level.

5: Once, Mini cried at the dinner table because there was NO broccoli.

6: Mini has her own blog. It's by invitation only. Yeah, she's THAT cool.

7: Mini will only come with me for coffee with my girlfriends if I bring my laptop. Otherwise, she will not want to go with me -- in other words, I am not allowed to go.

8: Mini is my garden helper. Oh, no, that's not right -- it's really HER garden, and I'm allowed to help her tend it.

9: Mini has natural grace, coordination, and the makings of an awesome dancer. She fast-forwards to the dancing segments of Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses and dances along.

10: Mini is the reason why we bolted our bookshelves into the wall studs. She is a climber. Like a cat, she'll get on anything to be higher. Even a little bit. Even if it's just onto the wheels of the dolley the new dishwasher was sitting on. See?

Yeah, I don't get it either...
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