Sick and Flicks - Part 2: And the Movies are...

12 December 2008

Thanks to everyone for commenting and emailing their responses to my Movie Quote Quiz!

The answers are:

1: Monty Python & the Holy Grail - Tim the Enchanter
2: The Matrix - Morpheus
3: The Simpsons Movie - Ned Flanders
4: Star Wars: A New Hope - Han Solo
5: Bridget Jones' Diary - Mark Darcy
6: The Usual Suspects - Roger 'Verbal' Kint
7: Back to the Future - George McFly
8: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Gandalf
9: The Princess Bride - Miracle Max
10: Raiders of the Lost Ark - Sallah

Congratulations to myrtle for getting 7 out of 10 correct! Wyliekat came in a close second with 6, and Albert got 4 correct!

To receive your prizes, I ask the winners to please email me their addresses... except Albert, whose address I already know as I've been sending him skinned sheep's heads for ages. (No, the prizes are not skinned sheep's heads.)

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harmzie said...

WTF?? "A New Hope"???

There is no new hope. There is only
(and then all the others)
Until Bill & Ted came along. I have to say, it was very difficult to take Ted seriously when he started talking all "The world is all, like totally made up by bots projecting images in my mind" and "Like I totally have no muscles, dude!"

(Even harder was when he said "like, to be or totally not to be, dude" - Hamlet, MTC, c. 1994)

Su said...

Man, that was hard.
I couldn't even guess one.

wyliekat said...

What - no announcement of who rocked the quiz? I was at least a respectable entry, or so I thought. ;-}

Nenette AM said...

oops, sorry! this was a scheduled post, and I hadn't had a chance to update it with the winner(s) before it published. I'll fix that today... :)

wyliekat said...

Yay! Hooray!

And now I actually get a prize for this? Dang! That almost never happens!

myrtle said...

woohoo! I get a prize? Thanks.

You know my email address already :)

myrtle said...

Hey, got my prizes with Christmas card! Thanks so much, they're wonderful!


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