HOT HULA fitness® with Nenette

(12 weeks: January 5 - March 29)


THURSDAYS | 6pm - 7pm
SUNDAYS | 1pm - 2pm
Patricia's Ballroom & Banquet Hall
2025 Corydon Avenue


$120 | 12 classes (1 class per week)
$140 | unlimited (2 classes per week)
  $12 | Drop-in (1 class)
   + Accepting: cash and e-transfer (
   + Students with valid student ID receive a 15% discount on all card types.
   + Late registrations are welcome, and fees will be pro-rated.
   + Fees are non-refundable.
   + Referral Program: Members referring a new student receives 1 free class pass


1. Text (204-963-1622) or Email ( to reserve your spot.
2. Please print and complete the registration form and bring to class.
3. Come 10-15 minutes early to get ready for your first class!

Schedule and pricing are subject to Change


Are we in a hot room, like hot yoga?  
Not at all!  You are what make our workout hot!

+ What do I need for class? 
Comfortable clothes, lava lava/sarong/pareo (Don't have one? Scroll down or shop here.), and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.  We dance barefoot!

+ Are you available to do a class at our workplace? 
Yes!  Contact me at 204-963-1622 or, and we'll plan it out!

+ But I don't know how to dance. (Okay, this isn't a question, but it's a common concern/fear.) 
Every single one of my students had to start from square one.  You come to class to LEARN how to dance.  I don't expect you to know exactly what to do when you come through the door.  If you did, what would you need me for? Right?!  Just come and try it.  What have you got to lose?

"Unlike other fitness classes I've attended, I don't think I'll get bored with this class. 
Love the infusion of reggae and hiphop music to Polynesian moves." - Marj


Created in 2009 by Master Fitness Instructor Anna-Rita Sloss, HOT HULA fitness® is a 60-minute low-impact, total body workout inspired by dances of the Pacific Islands set to the sounds of Polynesian drum beats fused with funky Reggae and hiphop music.

ABOUT NENETTE                    

Nenette Alejandria Mayor is Manitoba's first and only Certified HOT HULA fitness® Instructor.

She has over 40 years of Polynesian dance experience, as well as experience in hip hop, jazz, and cultural Filipino dance.  She has taught hula 'auana and tahitian dance classes and workshops in her home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, Nenette lived in Hilo, Hawai'i in her 20s, but returned to her Canadian home to raise her family and share her love of the Islands with the community she loves.

Certified Emergency First Aid & CPR A/C


Interested in hiring me for your workplace fitness experience?
You can reach me via text at 204.963.1622, email at, or message me via my HOT HULA fitness® with Nenette FB page.

Have questions, comments, and collaboration ideas?
Please contact me at nenette @ nenettemayor . com

Just wanna hang out?
Let's meet up on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!


To provide HOT HULA fitness® workouts in a safe, fun, healthy, and judgement-free environment, and to encourage women to let go of their insecurities, embrace their power as women, and get fit in a community of love, friendship, and support.


These are my favourite! They are large enough to cover the booty when folded in half, as well as when worn long. They flow really nicely when doing tamau, ami, afata, and varu. I use them year round. In winter, they are THE WARMEST SCARVES! 
So yeah, when I say "grab your sarong", these are what I mean.

Long Batik Print Black

Long Batik Print Green

Long Batik Solid Black

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