My 7yo Daughter Got the Ultimate Boyfriend for Christmas.

For the next 2 weeks, I will be republishing some of my favourite LifeCandy posts as I ramp up to relaunch.  This is my way of reintroducing my blog to my old readers, and giving my new readers a taste of what they've gotten themselves into.  Haha!  Too late!  You're all hooked... and really, I love you all for it.

[Republished from December 2011]

"We got the best presents this year, Mom!"  

Oh, what a relief!  But really, if your handsome young son said, "Mom, could you PLEASE get me a 3DS for Christmas?", and you got him one, would he really say anything else?!  No, he wouldn't... if he knows what's good for him.

As for Mini, you can repeat the above.  Just replace "3DS" with "Barbie Camper".

See?  They love -- Lam playing with total focus, Mini doing the "I got the Barbie Camper I've wanted for MONTHS!" dance.

Oh, but the gift most loved by the WHOLE FAMILY is Mini's gift from Roomie's brother and SIL!


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