It's Aloha Friday!

When I lived in Hawai'i, I really enjoyed Fridays. People all over the Islands put on their best Aloha shirts, dresses, and muu-muus, beautiful flower leis, and hair flowers (left side for married/taken/unavailable, right side for singles), and of course, in every store and establishment, you hear the fun-loving rendition of "It's Aloha Friday - No Work Till Monday...."
It's a celebration of the Spirit of Aloha, Hawaiian culture, and the end of the workweek.

Here in Sarongville, It's Aloha Friday! is a compilation of awesome randomness I've come across online or IRL throughout the week.  It's our way of celebrating the arrival of the weekend.  Enjoy!

1:  I'm teaching hula dance classes again this summer!  More details to come.  If you're in Winnipeg, you don't want to miss it!  Meanwhile, if you want to get to know me as a hula instructor and the style of hula I teach, head over here.

2:  Thank you, Apartment Therapy, for this list of things that need to leave my kitchen!  Unfortunately, every time I get rid of anything baby (#29), my period decides to come late.  I may have to keep the baby utensils as a form of birth control.  No, not literally.  Ew.

3:  I took my daughter to watch Wonder Woman.  Okay, don't get mad at me, but unlike the rest of humanity, I was not moved by it.  I loved the first half of the movie.  A super super lot.  Princess Buttercup kicking ass was my fave.  The second half was only okay.  Gal and Chris didn't have the best chemistry.  And I kept thinking "He's Kirk.  He's James T. Kirk.  This is wrong."  And really, a mustached god?  It just felt so, so strange.

4:  I tried to quit coffee this week for the 124325th time.  I failed. The Man taking up coffee again after 25 years did not help.

5:  These Doomsday Maps of the World are equally frightening and fascinating.

6:  I need to get What are we even doing with our lives: The most honest children's book of all time.  It's like Phoebe in book form!  It's a satirical "children's" book depicting an authentic fictional world that illuminates the funny, silly, earnest experience of millennial life.  (Pre-order through the link for a release date of August 8, 2017.)

7:  I'm a mom to teens.  They are fun and silly.  Have you read post from my old blog?  Yeah, like that.  But you'd think they'd matured and not have fights about who's taking more room on the couch, and not have situations that end up like...

Me: "What smells like fresh laundry?"
Miranda: "Me!  Luc sprayed me with Febreeze!"

OMG, really, children?!

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