So many things to be thankful for. And there they are.

...for my three favourite people.

... for creme brulee from Cafe Carlo, flower roll from Sushi-Ya, prawn & papaya salad from Wasabi Sabi, pavlova from Baked Expectations, and of course, the annual swirl ice cream we get when we go camping at Sprucewoods.

... for my healthy lifestyle of clean balanced nutrition, plenty of water, and regular exercise... so I can have the occasional creme brulee, pavlova, and swirl ice cream.  :)

... for yurts and glamping, so princess here has more than just a thin sheet of nylon between her and bears in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.

... that I get to congregate with these awesome chickas (and more!  Some are missing from this pic) every month, and we can talk crazy perverted talk.

... for Wensleydale Cheese.

... for Netflix so I can watch CharmedEurekaMerlinSherlockCoupling, and other one-named shows I like to watch on demand now that I've done away with cable.  The shows with more than one name are nice too.

... that my former-packrat husband has become a decluttering machine, and as a result, our basement is becoming so clean and organized!

... for the babes I get to work with, and what we do to make the world a better, healthier, and more prosperous place.

... that get to move like this alongside some of my most favourite people, some of whom are also great post-dance class cocktail buddies.

... for my pretend boyfriends Benedict Cumberbatch, Gerard Butler, and Bill Campbell, who are all yummy and I'm sure smell all manly, like sandalwood.  Like the men do in the bodice-ripping erotic romance novels I read.

... for Heinz Doofenschmirtz (yes, still!).  Is it wrong that he kind of reminds me of my husband?

... for my amazing team -- always inspiring, always evolving, always growing.

... for our kitty cat Mittens who turned 5 on Thanksgiving.  This meant that, in addition to a glazed ham with baked potatoes, peppers, etc., I (along with Mini) created this fishy, sweet peas, and koi food pellet disaster masterpiece of a birthday cake.  Yeesh!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Life Candy Sweeties!!!
May you have plenty to be thankful for!  xoxo